Dual Plasma Ignition

Plasma Ignition
Plasma Ignition

The video below is a dual plasma ignition system – symmetrical and in parallel to give a plasma impulse to 2 different spark plugs 180 degrees from each other. It is for an experimental engine, which has 2 cylinders.

This video is recorded in hi-def so you can see it clearly if you open it to full screen. Please give a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

To learn all the details on this kind of ignition system, please visit http://ignitionsecrets.com

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  • randy

    Nice demo, but when you flip the switch to 2nd half of the system demo…..I am not sure what parts are not needed or being used any more….you are running 2 wires to the spark plug….do you need 2 or is that just for the demo?

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