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Geometric Algebra at 2019 ESTC

Dr. Jack Hanlon
Dr. Jack Hanlon

Recently, I had the privilege of talking to Dr. Jack Hanlon more in depth about his presentation on Geometric Algebra and it is much more powerful than I had initially thought. He gave me some very specific examples where mainstream science says no energy is happening, but it clearly is. He presented a type of “source-code” to being able to reveal this hidden energy using Geometric Algebra. Once it is understood where the energy is happening in reactive power situations, then the first step has been taken in being able to move towards understanding how we might be able to use it to create real measurable work, which is one of the “Holy Grails” of Free Energy.

Versor Algebra
Versor Algebra

Eric Dollard’s Versor Algebra is based on the work of Steinmetz who developed it in order to mathematically model and crack Tesla’s polyphase patents on behalf of General Electric who hired him. The application of Versor Algebra for studying polyphase power systems of any number of phases including the self-referencing single phase Tesla mode is possible. It can also be used to analyze planetary phases, the ebbs and flows of the ocean, time and countless other things that have rhythms and motions.

Having worked with Eric for a number of years now regarding this kind of math, which I do not claim to be at any level of proficiency, I can say that Dr. Hanlon’s Geometric Algebra developments will be an excellent foundation for anyone interested in learning what kind of math they should learn in order to mathematically show the basic operating principles of natural energy systems. I can say this because I fully comprehended what Dr. Hanlon shared with me and I have not studied mathematics for nearly 30 years.

Hacking the Aether by Aaron Murakami
Hacking the Aether by Aaron Murakami

After presenting my Hacking the Aether model, which is a “unified field” model for the layman showing possibly what gravity, inertia, time and other natural phenomena are in a simple but seamless method, Professor Haralick suggested that I put some math to it beyond the basic Newtonian Equations to tie it all together. I haven’t seen anything that seems to be a good fit but after talking to Dr. Hanlon, it’s the first time I have had an interest in learning a specific, simple and elegant mathematical method to accomplish my goals. I can only image what it could do for you in your pursuit of advanced energy technologies.

There will be a specific focus on switched reluctance motors/generators but this is far from being the only thing his developments in Geometric Algebra can be used for. Join us at the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference to see this landmark presentation in person. 2019 Energy Conference

Almost half the seats are already sold out so register and get your tickets while you still have the opportunity. You can see what’s lined up so far here:

Geoffrey Miller to Present on World’s Largest Newman Motor

At the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Geoffrey Miller will be presenting on a massive Newman Motor that he recently built. He’ll also be disclosing a very * RARE * device invented by Joseph Newman that most Newman fans have never heard of. There will be a demo of this device and all details necessary to replicate it will given!

There are only 150 seats available for the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference and they’re going to be sold out months before the conference – register and get your tickets now: 2019 Energy Conference


Here are the details: NEWMAN’S 10,000 LBS MOTOR IN 2019 & DEMONSTRATION AND EXCLUSIVE FULL DISCLOSURE OF RARE NEWMAN DEVICE – The 2019 talk will be on the NEW 10,000 lbs Joseph Newman Motor built by Geoffrey S. Miller at Energybat Labs. In 2017, he gave a talk about the Newman Motor and a small demo of the motor. This year, Geoffrey Miller will go into a whole new level with the new 10,000 lbs motor. The talk outline is below.

1. History of Newman’s big motors.
2. Who maid the new 10,000 lb. motor
3. Why make a 10,000 lb. motor?
4. What it takes to make a motor this size.
5. What the motor will do.
6. All parts of the motor.
7. All motor data.
8. Power in & Power out.
9. Motor running parts of the lab.
10. Videos of the motor running.
11. Hand out data.
12. Q & A session.
13. A live demo will follow the talk about a Newman device.

It is recommended that you get a copy of Geoffrey Miller’s presentation from the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, which will lay the foundation for the upcoming talk: NEWMAN MOTOR DISCLOSURE

2019 ESTC Business Day Survey

2019 ESTC Business Day
July 15, 2019 is a business day that is optional for a small extra fee. Please answer this poll to help us design this day to benefit you the most. Please answer the questions fully and honestly. All questions are required except for the last one, which asks you for questions, comments or suggestions.
There are plenty of free software packages that help you design your schematics and pc boards. These are necessary to provide to pcb and contract manufacturing companies so they can create your products for you exactly how you want.
If you develop a working prototype that you want to put into production, outsourcing the manufacturing will allow you to free up your time to continue your research and development and or marketing efforts.
Fundraising may or may not be necessary for your particular projects, but if it is, there are many do's and dont's that are important to understand. If you're not in the position to put up the money to have your product manufactured, you may want to consider learning more about this. This includes how to get grants and sponsorships.
Brand strategy encompasses an entire organized plan on how you want the public to view what you are presenting and Brand design is the actual logo creation or identifiable trademark that you are recognized by.
Creating and manufacturing your product is one thing, but if you don't have any one to buy it, then it defeats the purpose. Marketing your product effectively and having a channel to distribute it through is crucial to your success as a product developer.
It is very important to have the legal side of your business under wraps. This can include everything from having the best legal structure for your business (sole-proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, etc.), non-disclosures and other agreements and contracts, etc. This includes staying COMPLIANT!
You may want to patent your invention(s) or you many want to open source them. Both have their pros and cons and it is important to understand both sides of the coin. There are many myths about both and it is important to understand the distinctions.
For larger projects or businesses, it is essential to understand proper team building and having the right people focusing on their delegated duties.
Aligning one's self with the right people, organizations or groups allows mutually beneficial relationships to develop. If a party to the venture has a network, it is possible to have your products or services promoted to it even if you don't have your own.
Websites are important to showcase your products or services to the public. It allows you to tap into a global market and make sales around the clock while you sleep. Just because you have a website doesn't mean people will find it so there is a lot to know. This topic would include social media marketing.
Developing a prospective customer list and/or buyer's list is very important to the success of your business.
Press releases are usually not done very well and there is an art and science to it. There are also ways to get free press that most marketers don't' know about.
Thursday is the Mind-Body day and Friday to Sunday is the regular Energy Science & Technology Conference. Monday is a new addition for a small extra fee that is intended to help those with products get them developed and out to the market.
Please leave any comments, questions or suggestions such as topics you would like to see covered on the Business Day for the 2019 ESTC. Include what you would most like to get out of this day.

Professor Robert Haralick Interview 2017 ESTC

Here is an interview of Professor Robert Haralick at last year’s 2017 ESTC.

His websites are and

Presentations are at: and

2017 ESTC – James & Valerie Robitaille Interview by Karen Elkins of Science to Sage

Here is the first of several interviews that were recorded at the 2017 ESTC. The 2018 ESTC has already passed, but they’re still worth watching. Karen Elkins of Science to Sage Magazine interviewed James and Valerie Robitaille of the QEG family.

Valerie’s new website is: and their main website for the QEG work is

Karen’s website is and

James’ presentation from the 2017 ESTC is:

Develop, Disrupt, Download by Ken Rochon

Ken Rochon of Big Events USA (BEU), was the event photographer for both 2016 and 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference (ESTC).

His photography is stunning – you can see some 2018 ESTC pics here:

He not only takes amazing photos, he brings a lot of fun to the event and the below presentation is one example. If you need a good laugh and a good message, watch this!


2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference Panel Discussion 2

2018 ESTC Panel Discussion #2 with Dr. Charles Bagley, Yaro Stanchak, John Petersen, Aaron Murakami, Eric Dollard, David Alzofon, Ken Wheeler.

For videos from this conference, they will be posted at

2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference Panel Discussion 1

2018 ESTC Panel Discussion #1 with Anupam Tewari, Jeane Manning, Dr. Gerald Pollack, Aaron Murakami, Prof. Robert Haralick, Karen Elkins, Paul Babcock.

For videos from this conference, they will be posted at

2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference Magazine – Free Download!

2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference Magazine
2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference Magazine


Free Download: – this is the digital version of the magazine and there are more editions to come!

Only 19 Seats Remaining!


We have posted the complete final schedule minus Paul Babcock’s presentation title for the conference here:

Viehweger, MD & Bagley, MD will each be giving 90 minute presentations on Thursday. Their bios and talk descriptions have been posted:


There are only 57 days until the conference and only 19 seats are available! Register now:

If you’re already registered and need to purchase your ticket(s), go directly here:


Find local motels and hotels here:

We’re waiting for approval on an exception to the new “no reservation” policy for RV spots at the conference – should have an answer tomorrow.

For the few remaining low cost AirBNB rooms available near the conference, go here: AirBNB


If you purchased your conference ticket, but did not get the meals option, do yourself a favor and save time and money by using the bottom right option here:

This will help you get back to the next presentations on time and  you will have a better opportunity to network with the presenters and other attendees.

See you at the conference!
Aaron Murakami