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Paul Babcock 9/12/2016 Live Call Recording

Here’s the recording of Paul Babcock’s live call from September 12th, 2016. There are some pictures in the video from the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

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Leak Project Interviews Paul Babcock

Paul Babcock was recently interviewed by the Leak Project.

Visit Paul Babcock’s new website: Paul Babcock

Paul Babcock’s DC Motor Disclosure presentation is here: Babcock DC External Field Interaction Motor

NEW RELEASE – Plasma Impulse Motor by Aaron Murakami

Plasma Impulse Motor by Aaron Murakami
Plasma Impulse Motor by Aaron Murakami

Plasma Impulse Motor by Aaron Murakami, presents a novel way to power an inductor that appears to possibly have a reduced resistance/impedance effect in the entire circuit. This may prove out to show how to get a stronger magnetic punch on a coil thereby increasing its power so we can have stronger motors for the same or less electricity. It is also a 100% mirror image of the Gray Tube circuit, which is though by many to be THE Holy Grail of Free Energy since the output is astoundingly high compared to the input. If the inductor’s impedance is being reduced, even a little, this is a very important discovery in electromagnetic science. Release date – August 27, 2016. Learn more: Plasma Impulse Motor

NEW RELEASE – From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning by Moray B. King

From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning by Moray B. King
From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning by Moray B. King

From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning by Moray B. King – In an internal combustion engine the big anomalous energy manifests from microscopic ball lightning – not hydrogen combustion. This presentation shows many resources and academic paper references that are involved with the latest research in this field. You will also learn how you may be able to make your own nanobubbles using various methods of cavitation to create what just may be microscopic ball lightning in your engine. Release date – August 18, 2016. Learn more: From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning

Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami – NEW RELEASE

Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami
Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami

Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami – This presentation reveals and unknown patent application that spells out the clearest description and list of benefits of Cold Electricity out of any public document. It has been hiding in plain sight for years and is the subject of a replication attempt. There are enough details in this presentation to demonstrate the basic switching method and two proposed methods of operation. Proceeds from this video will be used to further the replication attempt and we hope that others will be able to follow suit. Learn more: Cold Electricity

Coast to Coast AM – Plasma Ignition

Coast to Coast AM – Plasma Ignition

It was an honor and blessing to be on Coast to Coast AM this past Saturday late night to be able to share with a massive audience some information about my work with the Plasma Ignition, Water Fuel, and Open System Thermodynamics as relating to real Free Energy systems.

Special thanks to Mr. Richard Syrett for the invitation and interest in helping to get the knowledge about these technologies out to the world!

For details on the show, visit the show page here: Plasma Ignition

My brief bio on Coast to Coast AM: Aaron Murakami

Mr. Richard Syrett’s Homepage: Richard Syrett

To listen to the show, join Coast to Coast AM’s Coast Insider membership:

X-Files & Free Energy

This video goes deep into conspiracies that have become more popularized over the last decade. We’re not going to comment on those but are showing this because there is actually a reference to “Free Energy”. The X-Files is sci-fi but getting the “Free Energy” conversation going with a mainstream audience is definitely a plus.


Graham Gunderson Overunity Disclosure
Graham Gunderson Overunity Disclosure

At the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Graham Gunderson gave a presentation one of the simplest experiments anyone can do that demonstrates “overunity”. In other words, there is more measurable output than the operator has to input.

The video presentation has been available but last night, Graham was kind enough to allow us to video a whiteboard presentation with him giving in-depth details on exactly how this experiment was put together. This includes schematics, precise specs on the transformer and other details necessary for anyone to replicate this experiment.

If you already have the “Overunity Disclosure” presentation by Graham, then just visit the same download page and there is an extra video there called the Schematic Video. Download that for details – it is 36 minutes long and is a presentation on its own.

If you have not gotten a copy of Graham’s Overunity Disclosure presentation from the last conference, get a discounted copy here:

Veljko Milkovic’s 2-Stage Mechanical Oscillator

Veljko Milkovic’s mechanical amplifier known as a 2-Stage Mechanical Oscillator is one of the simplest true overunity machines that most people can build. Using some very clever innovations in pendulum mechanics, it allows gravitational potential to contribute to real mechanical work.

At the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Veljko Milkovic’s team was kind enough to provide a video presentation, which is a compilation of much of his work relating to this machine as well as other pendulum concepts.

This machine is not theoretical – it works and is being used not just as an experimental device, but as a water pump in low income areas. It allows more water pumping work to be done than the operator has to input into the pendulum themselves. Again, demonstrating simply that gravity is a source of energy contrary to the mainstream belief.

Wait until you see the demonstration in the video with the flashlights!

The Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center has produced a couple books highlighting some of their research in these areas.

The first is called Basic Principles of Overunity Electromagnetic Machines by by Jovan Marjanovic, M.Sc.

The goal of this book is to unlock the secrets of over unity and to teach people what is over unity and how it works. The reader will learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators and how to improve existing patents which use permanent magnets.

Get a copy here: Basic Principles of Overunity Electromagnetic Machines

The second books relating to gravity power is Gravitational Machines by Veljko Milkovic.

This is the story of the discoveries, which have been hidden from us for a long time, and were dismissed as science-fiction, until nowadays when breakthrough inventions are receiving awards, appraisals and objective criticism, but also dogmatic a priori attacks.

Perhaps it is time to change the perspective since new ideas and materials brought about breakthroughs in gravitational machines which are fully functional and can be used for various purposes.

The aim of this book is to present as many facts as possible, which will lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Get a copy here: Gravitational Machines

You can see the free video here:

Learn more about Veljko Milkovic’s work at his website:

Free Energy Flashlight


Imagine having a free energy flashlight that never has to have its power source replaced, you don’t have to plug it in, put it in the sun, crank a handle or shake it up… because it charges itself up. What if you were able to use it for a few hours, set it down and the next day, it is charged back up again?

Obviously, this would have serious implications not just for flashlights, but mobile phones and any other small devices that are normally powered by some small batteries.

In this case, it actually exists according to a company based out of Australia and they’re selling these free energy flashlights right now. We want to bring it to your attention.

The company claims their Free Energy Flashlight is powered by the Earth’s magnetic field and other electromagnetic waves aka electronic smog that is all around us. It’s not far fetched and a lot of big companies are taking this concept serious.

For a century, crystal radios are powered by the radio waves that they’re tuned to listen to. When you hear the radio station in the ear piece, it’s powered by free energy that you don’t have to pay for – it comes from the radio station.

RFIDs are also powered like this and some are even claiming to have developed it to a point, which it can charge a AA battery in a day. That might not seem like a lot, but what if you had that technology in every wall clock, mouse or wireless keyboard, remote controls, you name it… the batteries would never die and you would never have to replace them.

Dennis Siegel claims to have developed a circuit that will harvest enough to charge a AA battery like this. It appears to be nothing more than electromagnetic induction into a coil from the fields produced from electrical appliances, etc. But there are also models he developed that can harvest the same using much higher frequencies coming from radio, cell phone towers, etc… Read more about this here:

Even large corporations like Nokia have already announced that they’re looking to do the same thing in order to have a phone keep itself charge up. It’s been a while and we haven’t heard much more about it. They say it’s only outputting an amount of electricity that is too small so perhaps they haven’t exceeded the levels needed to accomplish the goal of keeping a phone charged up. Or, maybe its just too disruptive to pull hundreds of millions or billions of phones around the world eventually off the grid and have them all charged at the expense of the power company or home/business owners – seeing that the article came out 6 years ago, why would a company like Nokia with all its resources not be able to produce something like this? Even if it wasn’t built into the phone, they could build it into a phone case. If someone never had to plug it in, I’m sure they’d sell more than a few! Read about Nokia’s announcement on this here:

Free Energy Flashlight
Free Energy Flashlight

The company that actually has built a Free Energy Flashlight is Adgex. Here’s what they say, “…the use of the ‘Adgex Accumlator’ ELFE taps into the earth’s energy supplies and converts that power into usable energy. Yes, the Earth provides the energy to charge the light, it’s that simple, and that incredible.

You can use it for a few hours then set it down and the next day it will be charged back up!

You can get one: Free Energy Flashlight

If you want to join in on the discussion to look into it more, go here: