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Dynaflux Alternator * New Release *

Here is a new interview by Jim Murray and Paul Babcock on Reactive Power as an energy source.  As you may know, we showed a demo where Jim Murray’s SERPS circuit is demonstrating 2000% the heat compared to electrical power drawn from the power supply.

The Dynaflux Alternator package  is available at

Demonstration of 2000% Energy Gain

One thing about the Energy Science & Technology Conference is that you actually get to learn from people that know how to build working free energy devices instead of just talking theory.

Here is something that is very rare but Jim Murray and Paul Babcock will be teaching these principles at the conference. You do NOT want to miss out on this conference because you’ll never learn this anywhere else.

This shows a device that  produces 2000% more heat in a resistive load than the energy drawn from the power supply!