EFTV #12 – John Bedini – Petrovoltaics & The Faraday Motor


Running time: 94 minutes



During John Bedini’s early years, he could be found all over the hills in the Los Angeles, California area looking for and collecting rocks.

Why was he doing this?

This DVD explains exactly why.

The results of his curiosity and scientific experimentation led not only to the foundations of his unique hi-fi business, but to an astonishing saga with Tom Bearden when John found that he was inadvertently transmuting copper into pure gold. Tom Bearden recounts the subsequent tale of death and destruction in eyewitness’s detail.

Then, after showing how to measure and analyze all of the petrovoltaic properties on the bench, and discussing the principles of petrovoltaics with the production team, John moves to the lab to build, dissect and analyze the enigmatic Faraday motor, whose operating principle is still not fully explained today by conventional science.

This alone is worth the price of the DVD for just plain weirdness. Yet the experiment can easily be reproduced by any high school student.

But the one thing that shines through in this DVD above all is John Bedini’s love of the natural world and all its secrets, secrets that were explained in the 1920s by the late Walter Russell, with whom Nikola Tesla studied after he came to the United States. Not surprisingly, John Bedini has also spent countless hours mastering Russell’s work, and translating it onto the bench top.

Studying the electrical properties of rocks—Bedini style
Testing the rock samples

The resistance of the rock starts to go negative, gating in vacuum energy—room-temperature superconductivity hidden in plain sight!
The ceramic trays used to prepare the crystals
John explains the characteristics of different rocks
Constructing a Faraday motor

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