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Lend Your Support By Leaving Your Computer On

Crypto Coins
Crypto Coins

In the last email, we mentioned crypto-currencies and free energy with the idea behind Tesla Coin’s desire to fund decentralized energy technologies. Here is something very exciting you can heop with and it gets even better the more that participate – you can contribute 24/7 by doing nothing more than visiting a website and leaving your computer on!

The concept is simple – it takes computer processing power to “mine cryptocoins” so by vising one of the following websites, you can see what it is like while supporting those websites by mining a bit of Monero crypto-currency. Click the links to see how it work – you can adjust how much processing power you want to contribute.




Cryptocoins and Free Energy

Needless to say, the cryptocoin world is completely exploding with exponential growth and it is crazy not to get involved.

Out of all the coins, there is one that has a mission to help fund the Tesla Sciences and Free Energy projects and that is Teslacoin. It is a relatively unknown coin because they have been slowly getting their tools together to make it easier to buy the coin, making sure their offline wallet works and tools to make it easier for vendors to take it as payment.


But before you can get Teslacoin, it’s best to start with Bitcoin, Etherium or Litecoin because once you have some of those, then you can transfer that to an exchange where you can buy Teslacoin. At the current price, only $10 USD gets you about 1000 Teslacoin. And of course it is a good idea to have some Bitcoin.

FOR EXPERTS: If you already know what you’re doing, go to http://www.tesla-coin.com/ and get the wallet and then download and install the bootstrap and that will get your wallet caught up in the minimum amount of time. The official discussion for now is at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1529315.1140

FOR BEGINNERS: Join this site – it is the easiest, most secure way for the beginner to buy Bitcoin, Etherium or Litecoin: Coinbase

Once you have an account and verify your method of payment (bank, card, etc.), you can get Bitcoin or any small fraction of it you want. Once you have some, you can then transfer it to one of the exchanges listed on Teslacoin where you can then buy some Teslacoin. Then, transfer it immediately to your offline Teslacoin wallet (now follow the Expert instructions to do that). NEVER USE THE YOBIT EXCHANGE – IT IS A SCAM. Then join the official forum to learn more: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1529315.1140

There are a few of us collaborating behind the scenes who are involved with energy technologies, conference and other networks who are going to start taking Teslacoin for payment (and other coins of course) and once the momentum is rolling, Teslacoin will be a legitimate currency used for exchange and the value will climb. The collective goal is to use the growth of the coin’s value to fund Tesla and Free Energy related projects and technologies.

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