Veljko Milkovic’s 2-Stage Mechanical Oscillator

Veljko Milkovic’s mechanical amplifier known as a 2-Stage Mechanical Oscillator is one of the simplest true overunity machines that most people can build. Using some very clever innovations in pendulum mechanics, it allows gravitational potential to contribute to real mechanical work.

At the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Veljko Milkovic’s team was kind enough to provide a video presentation, which is a compilation of much of his work relating to this machine as well as other pendulum concepts.

This machine is not theoretical – it works and is being used not just as an experimental device, but as a water pump in low income areas. It allows more water pumping work to be done than the operator has to input into the pendulum themselves. Again, demonstrating simply that gravity is a source of energy contrary to the mainstream belief.

Wait until you see the demonstration in the video with the flashlights!

The Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center has produced a couple books highlighting some of their research in these areas.

The first is called Basic Principles of Overunity Electromagnetic Machines by by Jovan Marjanovic, M.Sc.

The goal of this book is to unlock the secrets of over unity and to teach people what is over unity and how it works. The reader will learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators and how to improve existing patents which use permanent magnets.

Get a copy here: Basic Principles of Overunity Electromagnetic Machines

The second books relating to gravity power is Gravitational Machines by Veljko Milkovic.

This is the story of the discoveries, which have been hidden from us for a long time, and were dismissed as science-fiction, until nowadays when breakthrough inventions are receiving awards, appraisals and objective criticism, but also dogmatic a priori attacks.

Perhaps it is time to change the perspective since new ideas and materials brought about breakthroughs in gravitational machines which are fully functional and can be used for various purposes.

The aim of this book is to present as many facts as possible, which will lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Get a copy here: Gravitational Machines

You can see the free video here:

Learn more about Veljko Milkovic’s work at his website:

Iron-Gallium Magnetoelastic Energy Source

20 years ago, the Navy created a magnetoelastic material that produced efficient electricity. When this material, Galfenol, is physically impacted, it produces a magnetic fields.

Galfenol can produce up to 80 megawatts of power per cubic meter under strong impacts! Not only does this material produce a magnetic field when hit, a magnetic field applied to the material will cause it to change shape – so it works both ways – and at a 70% conversion efficiency.

One of the first things that comes to mind is to possibly use the Galfenol in conjunction with Nitinol – the metal that changes shape with heat. Our Energy Times newsletter has an entire article on Nitinol with some recommended links.

Maybe we have the materials necessary for a perpetual motion machine? Perhaps Galfenol can create electricity that heats a resistor that causes the Nitinol to bend. That bending could in turn impact the Galfenol to create the magnetic field. At that point, the Nitinol cools and goes back to the original shape. The magnetic field can cause electricity to produce heat to warm the Nitinol causing it to bend and repeat the process.

This is obviously not a completely serious suggestion but is food for thought since it seems all the necessary attributes to do something like this is sitting right there in these materials.

You can read the whole article here on the Iron-Gallium material:

Electrolyzed Salt Water Eliminates Chemicals on Crops

Researchers in Tasmania have found that spraying electrolyzed salt water on crops acts as a sanitizing agent on the surface, which means that after it is electrolyzed, it is no longer salt water.

Professor Roger Stanley even says that it can be used to extend the shelf life of food because of its anti-bacterial effects as well as cleaning equipment.

Farmer Mike Parkinson says, “Instead of a 90 per cent destruction of the paddocks, it’s been a 90 per cent keepsake or more, 95 per cent. I don’t believe in golden bullets and this is not a golden bullet, don’t get me wrong, but it’s pretty close.

Read the whole article here:

The electrolyzed salt water they’re creating is very similar to an electrolyzed salt water that we have been using for years, which is specific to boosting our health.

Download the free book here: Electrolyzed Salt Water