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Electrolyzed Salt Water Eliminates Chemicals on Crops

Researchers in Tasmania have found that spraying electrolyzed salt water on crops acts as a sanitizing agent on the surface, which means that after it is electrolyzed, it is no longer salt water.

Professor Roger Stanley even says that it can be used to extend the shelf life of food because of its anti-bacterial effects as well as cleaning equipment.

Farmer Mike Parkinson says, “Instead of a 90 per cent destruction of the paddocks, it’s been a 90 per cent keepsake or more, 95 per cent. I don’t believe in golden bullets and this is not a golden bullet, don’t get me wrong, but it’s pretty close.

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The electrolyzed salt water they’re creating is very similar to an electrolyzed salt water that we have been using for years, which is specific to boosting our health.

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6 thoughts on “Electrolyzed Salt Water Eliminates Chemicals on Crops

  1. Hi Aaron! I have bought the ASEA redox “water” in hope of getting my herniated disks better. Have been taking ASEA for about a month now and my disks are getting better but it have taken years to get to this stage maybe 90-95% okey now. But the thing is that the strength in the disks seems to still be weak so if I putt the back or the disks under stress it will get worse pretty fast.

    So to my question, do you know of any practice, suppliment or something that will help getting the disk to get 100% healed, any experience of this? I have even tried to meditate and think it helps some but Im not that skilled to heal my self yet, and I do some tai qi kung practices and general stretching etc.

    Cheers and thanks for all your great work!

    1. That’s awesome – ASEA works incredibly well. Can definitely take time for something like that. Aside from that, might be helpful to take something else separately, which is Biosil – the world’s most bio-available silica product. It reduces the surface tensions of the water and makes any other supplements you take with it more available, but that silica is very important for cartilage and other connective tissue. It would be a great synergy with what you’re doing.

      You could also get a red light pad (with led’s) and put it on your spine. Pulsed at 1168hz, that is specific for mesoderm tissue. That will also give a synergy with ASEA since that red and with infrared is better, stimulates mitochondrial production of ATP and it’s own redox signaling molecules.

      DISCLAIMER – this is not medical advice, just my opinion on the issue.

    2. Wow times goes fast 25 days ago sorry and Thanks couldn’t find this tread, little confusing when all the sites looks the same ;). Biosil I will def. look that up. Sounds interesting with IR light, and reminds me of scientist Gerald Pollacks research on EZ water (EZ = exclusion zone) where the water reacts and organize it self in a crystal form next to a hydrophilic surface and it takes energy from IR light not sure about the frequency.

      I take 100% responsibility of my own choices, “normal” medical health care are not very good at healing their view are unfortunately too mechanical, they are good in other areas.

    3. Hello Mathias, I just read your post.
      You are better off with a knowledgeable chiropractor for “herniated discs” rather than a GP. Failing that, you need to keep your diet as alkaline as possible to expedite the healing process.

      Ensure you have adequate nutrition with the following: silica (organic form), vitamin D3 1000-5000IU daily or sunshine, boron 3mg twice daily, magnesium glycinate 300-400mg per day, calcium from vegetables (avoid any dairy or calcium supplement as they raise blood pressure) and a full spectrum vitamin E supplement. For the joints and spinal fluid: Hyaluronic acid, l-proline, l-glycine and vitamin C (1000mg) daily.

      You may also try RED light therapy with red spectrum being dominant. Suggest using Red LED of between 600nm to 720nm ,(gleaned from Russian technology) and pulse this with the Schumann resonance ie. 7.83 Hz. [note I could only source 660nm LED from China.]

      Common cats heal their injuries with frequencies between 30-42Hz whilst purring. Pehaps this is nature’s natural ‘Rife’ system? Finally, stay away from any fluoride either ingested or from tooth brushing. Drink plenty of water and have adequate sleep. Cheers and good luck. Mr_J.

    4. Great, thanks for your effort! Now I have a chunk of info for a while. Have tried some chiropractors threw the years and they are ok but to expensive for little action, I need a set of skills (to let the energy flow more easily and strengthen the body at the same time) in combination with nutrition so I will def. look up this supplements you mentioned. Have heard some good about reiki healing as well but thats a expensive one too so have to do my choices carefully. Im really in to the asian healing practices and would love to try it out.

      Yes Im close to zero % on the sugar part and thats really bad for you in any stage off wellbeing, and I would guess thats more acidic in the body and more veggies is a more alkaline approach, I hear what you say and good to here it from someone else. Thanks you!

    5. Mathias, you should also consider the osteopad or one of the integrity institutes other bioelectric devises Another possibility is the IMRS2000 products. Jeff’s recommendation for supplementation is very good. Just also make sure that it is in addition to proper nutrition and supplementation for the rest of your body. All the best!

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