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Keshe – Fact or Fiction?

The Keshe Foundation has been building quite a network over the last several years with all kinds of free energy claims and devices for sales that are supposed to help get you off the grid.

These deal with superconductive nano-coatings on wires to plasma batteries. If there is one hot topic that we are emailed about – it is, “Are the Keshe claims real?” We can’t just claim it is or isn’t but here are a few facts that you should consider.

A few years ago, they were selling high output generators for thousands of Euros and to date, we can not verify that anyone has ever received one. More recently, this foundation has been selling energy units for about 800 Euros and we also cannot find evidence that anyone has ever received one. We have however found quite a few posts online by people who have spent the money and are complaining that they never received anything and have been brushed off over and over about new shipping dates, etc. and the list goes on.

Maybe the technology works and maybe it doesn’t, but recently, PayPal has blocked their account so they cannot receive any more money and the copyright owner and 5% shareholder of the foundation, Dirk Laureyssens, has even ordered the Keshe Foundation to stop using the logos.

Mr. Laureyssens, the copyright owner has filed legal action and here is a quote from him, “Due to the unacceptable slanderous and insulting behavior of Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe in public, the logos can no longer be used by KF worldwide, starting … SEPT 21,2015. The logo’s will need to be removed from all documents, websites, Facebook groups, YouTubes, … everywhere.”

If you know of anyone on Facebook or elsewhere that is using this logo or a variation of it as their Avatar, etc. you might want to let them know that they might have their Facebook or other accounts shut down if they don’t comply.

Should you buy anything from the Keshe Foundation? Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware – it is up to you to do your due diligence and decide if you want to donate money or purchase any of their products. We’re not spending a penny on any of it until we see evidence that those who have spent thousands have actually received what they paid for.

If you believe you have been scammed, join this Facebook group:

Also, read the comments on this Facebook post:

Here is something that is also of great concern – the Belgian Federal Police are investigating and questioning Keshe regarding Fraud, Practicing Medicine without a License and Human Experimentation

Does their technology work? It might or it might not. There are some claims, but even if it does, nobody seems to be getting what they paid for.

Here are two discussions at Energetic Forum about Keshe.

Supportive of Keshe:

Critical of Keshe:

18 thoughts on “Keshe – Fact or Fiction?

  1. The products promised are shipping as I write this. They started once the bugs were worked out of the initial designs. As for if it works, there are hundreds of folks just like myself making these devices and the reports so far are successful. It must be said that these things are not “plug and play”, but require some conditioning time to come to full effect. Also, it must be said that conventional electrical math does not apply. This is a very new form of energy that has never been tapped by individuals consciously, though we all use it every day already.
    It’s very easy to questions and disregard things one knows nothing about. The same thing happened with the airplane, the light bulb and the telephone… Please, do some study and research and educate yourself in this new technology and your questions and difficulties will disappear.

    1. What product and how much did it cost you? Please post photographs when you receive your unit and a video demonstrating it.

    2. Gee Aaron, you don’t ask for much do you? Why not look on the Keshe Foundation website for pricing of the factory units and do a Youtube search yourself for the 30 or 40 some odd demos that are currently out there? Oh, but since you no nothing about the technology, you won’t know what you are looking at and those videos will mean nothing to you. Better yet, Why not watch the 85, 3 hour seminars provided freely so that anyone can learn the technology and build their own units. If that is more effort than you are willing to put in, then don’t bitch that nobody is “proving” the tech to you. I won’t post pics when I buy the unit because I’m not buying one, I’m building one, and teaching large groups to build their own, with the blessing of the Foundation.
      Sorry for being blunt, but do your own bloody research.

    3. Actually, I know more about the claims that I’m letting you in on, but I’m not interested in portraying what I know about something that is actually not proven. Seminars mean nothing, period.

      My post is not asking you to define or give a presentation on the technology, which you so blatantly side-skirted with your long-winded post that has nothing to do with what I asked.

      I’ll ask again and hopefully, you can actually answer the question instead of posting something irrelevant…

      “What product and how much did it cost you? Please post photographs when you receive your unit and a video demonstrating it.”

    4. No irrelevance here at all. YOU can prove or disprove it it by building a unit for yourself. The blueprints and backing knowledge and instructions (and caveats) are there for everyone to see and use.
      It all calls for an honest unbiased effort. Open for new unexplored territory. Just let us all in on what you really know …

    5. Gee John.. (since you’re happy being crudely blunt here)..

      Why don’t you just answer Aaron’s simple questions-??
      Or… is there some reason you’ve gone so aggressive-??

      Or… alternatively… how much payola is Keshe providing
      you to cover his rear end for him so-to-speak. Hmmmm..
      now there’s a good reason to go all-out with a bunch of
      diversions and distractions and get strangely aggressive.

    6. We all don’t have 250 hours of spare time to learn how to get electrocuted witrh bare 240 volt copper wires patched as a weird capacitance coil….
      THE Question was …… does it work?
      …….. Show us the proof?
      Is the Magrav coil a cold electricity device ??
      (How else could a highly flamable plastic plate be an inter layer insulator ??)
      While “plans” are all over the net…. actual complete details are very difficult to find….
      And for those with much less experience in the electrical field … hoping o make their own…. some actual independant proof and advice would be extremely helpful…. So why do you not wish to be helpful??

    7. I’ve yet to see any successful replications, could you share some of the successes you have found?

    1. 2.3 % to 3.0 % reduction is interesting, on the small load ( a table fan) connected to this device.
      wondering, how the % reduction would be on higher load? especially on the full capacity claimed at 2 Kw or there about?

      anyone have any more results? appreciate hearing back from you..

  2. lose trillions a day and the power to control the planet OR discredit and jail keshe ???

  3. aaron could you and eric build the keshe maggrav // instructions are all over the internet // it would take little time and then give us a report on this technology

    1. We’re both too busy to build it and my general attitude towards the Keshe ordeal isn’t an argument of whether it works or not. The “Plasma Battery” is a simply galvanic battery where some of the vapor is ionized and simply eats the copper slowly over time. It is not a plasma battery and there is absolutely nothing special about it – the universe in a bottle business is all pure unadulterated hype – nothing more nothing less. The other units, we’ll see what the outcome is. That is NOT a nano coating on the copper – it is a simple oxide. It is not superconductive – it isn’t even a good semi-conductor.

      The issue is not one of technology but the fact that millions of dollars were spent on generators a few years ago and nobody ever received anything tells me everything I need to know about the entire operation. If you want to look past that indisputable fact and focus on the hype, go ahead. We aren’t here to discredit Keshe – he is doing a fine job of doing that himself by taking people’s money and not delivering products – which has been the case for years.

  4. aaron thanks for your timely response frank

  5. Aaron,( A little long but the Keshe matter is important. Delete if not interested.)

    Many people believe in Keshe. Does his new technology work? We have to wait and see. ONE.It is true that many units do not seem to have been delivered or that it takes up to 90 days+/- for them to reach people. Keshe now has people with factories producing thousands of units. So let’s see where the bottleneck is. PayPal stops any company that gets too many complaints. they are in business for money not extra work.Logical. TWO.. Belgium is not friendly to Keshe, who says people in Belgium tried to steal his technology and attempted to assassinate him and his family 7 times. Its parliament passed a law that anyone using a Keshe technology/unit is a Terrorist. What a joke. BTW, the Logo is not important. Again it seems to be a Belgium legal ploy against Keshe drummed up to harm him. Let me be frank. IMHO, it is the Keshe knowledge that is important not some printed logo. Without the knowledge, the logo is worthless. Just make another logo. THREE. Proof: That remains to be seen but many people on the Keshe website from all over the world are showing their successes as the lectures go along. These are people in China, the Ukraine, Armenia, the Philippines, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Canada, Russia, Iran, and many other places in the world. Nigeria and Ghana have embraced the Keshe technology 100%. FOUR. Practicing medicine without a license. Another joke. The ” Allopathic medical profession” is based on drugs, Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. .. All in direct violation of the Hippocrates Code of “Do no harm.” This current Allopathic medicine was legislated into the law of the land, and is in and unto itself lethal in many cases whenever Chemo, Radiation and/or surgery along with experimental drugs are used. Chemo works in only 2.75 % of cases. People who try to cure by natural means or innovative techniques are hounded, punished by long drawn out legal cases, imprisonment, or even rewarded with mysterious death.”
    i write the above to balance out the argument going on about Keshe. We just have to wait and see what happens. If anyone has a better way universally, free teaching, and free instructions on how to build better units for independence in energy let him/her come forth. This is one of the biggest experiments going on in history and common people are answering the call, rightly or wrongly. It’s up to “scientists” to prove it all wrong if they understand it but as Keshe says this is a new Technology called Plasma Technology way beyond the so called traditional scientific teachings of the last few centuries. Is it true? I don’t know one way or another but i am waiting to see what will happen. These sure are exciting times because Keshe offers hope to many people around the world. So, I take a wait and see position.

  6. Like Aaron, I don’t yet know of anyone who has received a Magrav system, plugged
    it in, and it worked. Neither do I know of anyone who has been able to replicate
    this system to produce net energy.

  7. At this point, we don’t know if the technology is real or not. There are a lot of folks building the units that are for sale, because the blueprints have been released to the public domain. Some have units built and are evaluating them. Within 30 to 60 days, the results are pouring in. So, this should be classified as a wait and see item.

  8. I spent hours watching his videos and came to the conclussion that Mr Keshe believes or is trying to promote the belief he is some sort of Messiah gift to the world. Frankly I think he is really trying to start a cult of brainless Keshe worshipers to stroke his ego. I have to say after hours of veiwing his material failed to see any working prototypes just hotair rehtoric designed to ensnare ignorant people into following him.

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