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Smart Meters – Are they Dangerous?

You’ve probably heard of Smart Meters – something else significant from Spokane is that one of the largest manufacturers of Smart Meters is based right here and we’re all to familiar with the local power company wanting to start placing these contraptions on homes while replacing perfectly good analog meters.

Whether you are familiar with the pro and con claims for Smart Meters, it is a good idea to inform yourself and decide whether or not you want to let your power company install one because in most places, it is up to you to refuse them. In any case, here is a free video that will definitely make you think twice:

That free viewing expires December 1st at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.


8 thoughts on “Smart Meters – Are they Dangerous?

  1. Can’t believe you bought into this fear porn, Aaron. From the Take Back Your Power people:
    “They are instead a full-fledged onslaught on your health, your privacy,
    your rights as a citizen, your wallet, and your freedom to make the best
    choices for you and the ones you love.”
    Why don’t you go talk with the people who make them? They’ll set you straight.

    1. I’m not “buying” into anything. I’ve been aware of the issues with smart meters for a long time and have looked at many references for and against, not just with the documentary being a free viewing again.

      Itron is a company that makes smart meters and they’re located right here in Spokane. Asking manufacturers of the meters to set us straight on them is like George Bush saying he was going to investigate himself – you can’t be serious.

      For the documentary itself, here is a PDF of references for the claims given:

      World health organization has already put rf devices such as mobile phones on a list of possible carcinogens because of the overwhelming evidence for the detrimental health effects and smart meters have been measured to have emissions way more powerful than cell phones.

      They’re also an invasion of privacy because “smart appliances” will talk to these meters and the power companies can see what appliances we have on – it’s none of their damn business. And it will simply bombard us with more unnecessary rf. There is nothing good about them and many areas that have smart meters have seen their power bills increase.

    2. WRT buying in, I refer to this definition:
      acceptance of and willingness to actively support and participate in something

      lame Bush analogy WRT visiting Itron admits your bias, lack of
      objectivity, and BUY IN to the wacko “Take Back Your Power” fear porn.

      this and if you won’t go across town and talk with REAL engineers and
      scientists at Itron, head up north to Colville and get the truth from Richard
      Tell Associates:

      Excerpt from summary:
      “Of 141 interior RF field measurements inside residences, the greatest measured value was equivalent to 0.0014% of the MPE in term of time-averaged and spatially-averaged exposure. This maximum value was associated with a location directly behind the installed smart meter but inside the home. The average interior residential RF field, time and spatially averaged, was equivalent to 0.000058% of the MPE.

      The FCC MPE values were derived with the inclusion of a safety factor of 50 below the actual threshold of hazard from prolonged exposure. When the above estimated RF field exposures for GMP and BED meters at the closest distance of one foot are considered in this light, this means that the most conservative estimates of potential exposure range between approximately 75,000 and 156,000 times less than the hazard threshold respectively
      Using the highest indicated results from the measurements performed in this study, potential exposure of individuals to the RF fields associated with the currently deployed smart meters in the GMP and BED service territories is small when compared to the limits set by the FCC. It is concluded that any potential exposure to the investigated smart meters will comply with the FCC exposure rules by a wide margin.”

      Aaron, inasmuch as you have assumed a leadership position in the Free Energy “movement” you have a duty to not link those of us who are working not on “off the grid” technologies, but END of grid, to wacko pseudo science / fear porn agitprop like “Take Back Your Power.”

    3. After Aaron notified us via his newsletter several months ago about the health hazards of smart meters, I called up my local power company in Lewis county, Washington, and the gal laughed, “Oh, we’re not that advanced!” So I asked her when does the meter reader come out? Sure enough, I had been too lame to notice his every other month visits in the past. It was, indeed, a mechanical watt-hour meter on the outside of my cabin.

      Fast forward to the present…
      I moved to a new location a few months ago and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the so-called Vastu (Sanskrit for good vibrations, as in Feng Shui) building in which I was renting a room. I was better off living on the street in my 12 year old, DC electric car! — And did, for several weeks, total.

      Finally, I ran across this website…

      i downloaded the documentation, read and understood it all (old hat for me!), tweaked them a little, and sent them out to the local sheriff’s and police and the CEO of my local power company.

      Wanna guess what happened?

      The documentation template gives you a suggested period of days to give the power company to either remove the smart meter or else let the homeowner/occupant do it themselves. And the docs for the police and sheriff’s asks them to stand aside and let the homeowner/occupant exercise their right to freedom of choice (unlike in Canada, where the power company frequently calls forth police/sheriffs to arrest the homeowner for objecting to the installation of smart meters). I thought to myself, better than days, I should give the power company a mere 36 hours since any power outage usually gets their attention in far less time than that!

      They came and replaced the smart meter the very next day with a mechanical watt-hour meter.

      Talk about service!

      Then I found out from my building manager that they had come out the previous week and failed to install the swapout — at the property owner’s request (which had originated from me) — with the lame excuse: “Oops, I brought the wrong size. It won’t fit the base plate.” Yeah, right…

      I no longer have to live in my car to avoid the effects of whatever that darn thing was doing to me.

      I never assume anything anymore about what is good or bad for my health based on what other people say (if it requires any effort on my part — beyond licking my lips — to improve the situation) for the simple reason that I tend to be so sensitive to everything around and inside of me, that I’d be wasting my precious time chasing after every improvement scheme. So, I try my best to ignore anything bothersome until impossible to ignore further. Only then do I investigate. I’d rather practice good mindset, as in: “Attitude can bridge gulfs.” But attitude, alone, doesn’t always work.

      Thanks, Aaron.

      And thanks, Jimi Bigbear, for that constructive criticism.

    4. Hi Jimi, thanks for your skepticism – a good place to start. Have you seen the film? Virtually everything is either backed up or comes straight from industry.

      Several examples, from industry:

      1) Industry’s Own Words: 6 Admissions Of In-Home Surveillance Using Smart Meters

      2) A director at NARUC: “I think the data is going to be worth a lot more than the commodity that’s being consumed to generate the data.”

      3) Former President, California PUC: “The science is clear: EMF’s affect health, particularly the most vulnerable among us.” (The meters are “off” 99.9x % of the time, but when they pulse every few seconds it is measurably several orders of magnitude stronger than an active cell phone.)

      4) Hundreds of Smart Meters Simultaneously Explode:

      etc, etc etc…. The avalanche of independent evidence is overwhelming that these things are a bad idea on so many levels. We’ve compiled information from industry, whistleblowers, political leaders, doctors and environmentalists so that the facts can finally be put forward and people — those who *want* to! – can see what’s going on.

      “The people who make them” are simply being used – just likes the utilities themselves (who were bribed with up to $200m ea utility, to install them) – to deploy a global in-home surveillance and control agenda. There are trillions to be gained by the deployment of the agenda, being deployed in the name of “climate action” or “grid resiliency” (sic), but it is at great detriment to the people and their rights.

      Good luck & best wishes on your quest.

      Josh del Sol
      Creator, Take Back Your Power

    5. Thanks “Take Back” but on page 3 of the PDF that Aaron linked to, you or whoever state correctly that the “smart” meters operate in several different frequency bands from .9 to 2.5 GHz, but then at the bottom of the page try to make some connection to 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance and brain waves. This is precisely the pseudo-science converted to fear porn that I’m talking about. I watched the movie years ago when battling NuAge NIMBY’s who stormed City Hall and shut it down for WEEKS over a HARMLESS wireless water meter that emits a 7 Millisecond burst of spread spectrum RF and then is quiet (NOT transmitting/dormant) for the next 13,970 milliseconds. Your movie was in part responsible for that mis-information and hysteria.

    6. What is your personal stake in smart meters?

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