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Wind Power in less than 1 MPH

Mike Water Wind Power

Mike Waters invented a very simple but profound wind generator method that uses 100% of the wind that hits it, which is huge compared to normal windmills that lets 97% go right through the blades!

Many tests have confirmed the validity of the concept and it works so well that it will generate electricity in less than 1 MPH wind.

Here are the main keypoints to this unique method:

So the MV Turbine technology design will:

  1. Utilize as many of the molecules as possible.
  2. Accelerate all flow prior to extraction of energy.
  3. Divert all flow to the maximum point of leverage.
  4. Place all of the blade area at both the maximum point of leverage and the highest flow velocity.

Learn more at their website:

For a recent presentation by Mike Waters, go here:

6 thoughts on “Wind Power in less than 1 MPH

  1. Looks good, mike. Glad to see some movement with this; always thought it has great potential! Best of luck!

  2. Very very cool, Looks like an inverted squirrel fan used in a bathroom air circulation fan

  3. I agree that this is a very good design and he correctly points out everything that is wrong with the conventional design. However, these details came out in January 2014, and I’ve yet to see anything happen since then, plus I’ve had no answer to a few email inquiries I made last year – has anyone heard of any progress being made with this technology?

    1. I’ll be asking him when he comes to speak at the conference.

    2. Thanks, will be interested to hear if it’s got anywhere

  4. Now place a cone at its center so wind does not have to hit an abrupt flat wall to be diverted perpendicular to it into the outer ring, cone will work better to help in the transition of the wind so as to redirect it in the direction it needs to flow without abrupt obsticals to overcome as shown here with this rendition. But I would think that goes without saying and should be obvious to anyone seeing it. Other than that looks to be a very interesting design and agree prop windmills are inefficient outdated technology that is way overrated and overdue for an upgrade.

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