Dual Plasma Ignition

Plasma Ignition
Plasma Ignition

The video below is a dual plasma ignition system – symmetrical and in parallel to give a plasma impulse to 2 different spark plugs 180 degrees from each other. It is for an experimental engine, which has 2 cylinders.

This video is recorded in hi-def so you can see it clearly if you open it to full screen. Please give a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Lossless Electric Current

Ferromagnetic properties allow electric current to flow over the surface of special films but normally only under very low temperatures.

Something of great importance is that this electric current is generated spontaneously and without any kind of external magnetic field – electric current without magnetism.

Using Cr as an atomic sized magnet and Sb and Te to  help “glue” their alignment into place, apparently allows this electric current to be not only lossless but at room temperature.

Read more here: https://solarthermalmagazine.com/2015/12/29/63464/

Published paper: http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2015/151119/ncomms9913/full/ncomms9913.html

Space Needle 1HP Motor Turns 125 Ton Restaurant

After all these years in Washington state, I finally went up the Space Needle. There are a lot of historical facts posted along the way to the elevator ride and this one in particular caught my eye – the 125 ton restaurant that goes round and round is turned by a single 1 horsepower motor.

Not that it is free energy, but goes to show that when you have good engineering and you can balance 125 tons that well that you can rotate it for less than 800 watts!

Here’s a picture of that sign as well as a few other pics I snapped of the Space Needle.

NOTE: Apparently, the original motor was 1HP, now it is 1.5HP.