BC’s First Hydro Power Plant – Sandon, BC

This short video is from a trip I took 2 years ago up into BC – this was on the very far North end of the Selkirk Loop between New Denver and Kaslo. If you go North alone the Kootenay Lake, the ferry ride across the lake to Balfour is FREE. Then you’re not too far from Ainsworth Hot Springs!

If you’re in the Northwest, US or plan on coming to this area, I’d highly recommend the Selkirk Loop – BEAUTIFUL contry and really peaceful. http://selkirkloop.org

Selkirk Loop, BC, Canada
Selkirk Loop, BC, Canada

Bob Sewell’s Electronics Collection – 2015-05-21

Bob Sewell's Electronic Collection
Bob Sewell’s Electronic Collection

This is a collection of electronics equipment and parts that I purchased last year, which belonged to Bob Sewell. It was an interesting synchronicity that this was all sitting on shelves in a basement in a house literally across the street from me.

In December of 2014, a post was made about the regenerative electric car he invented back in the 1950’s, which was featured in the November 1957 issue of Popular Mechanics. You can see that here: https://emediapress.com/2014/12/27/robert-l-bob-sewell-regenerative-electric-car-inventor

My shop is almost finished and I’ll be able to go through and test some of these devices to see what works and whatever I don’t need will probably be donated to EPD Laboratories, Inc, Eric Dollard’s non-profit organization if there is anything useful to him for his projects.

David Robert Squires Obituary

Last month, we all lost a very good man who was dedicated to furthering our understanding of various energy technologies, especially in the area of motor/generator design. About five years ago, David Squires presented Advanced Motor Secrets at our first Energy Science & Technology Conference. Over the years, he quietly worked on many motor/generator related projects with Peter Lindemann, Paul Babcock, Jim Murray, Mike Waters and others. His experience and knowledge has been very inspirational to many and he will be sadly missed.

David Squires
David Squires

David Robert Squires went home to be with the Lord on Sept. 15, 2016.

He is survived by his wife, Rosie Squires, and three adult children, Grant Rees, Joyia Squires and Bryce Squires.

Grant is currently attending Whitworth University as a music major. Joyia is at Western Washington State University in Bellingham studying with an emphasis in art. Bryce recently graduated from Colville High School and intends to attend Digipen on the old Microsoft Campus.

Family members include John and his wife Gloria of Kettle Falls; sister, Laura Squires; and brothers, Jeff, and Charlie all of West Plains, Missouri.

David was born in San Diego, California in 1947. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in electronic engineering from San Jose State University. He was a leading microchip design engineer and trainer. He often traveled to Europe, teaching engineers how to use computer simulation programs. He worked for various companies in California’s Silicon Valley.

Dave was an artist, a musician, a gymnast, a bee- keeper, a glider pilot and a leading authority and designer of alternative energy components.

He was also a lover of Jesus, and active in The Net of Prayer. A desire of Dave’s he often spoke about was to ask Jesus to take him on a tour of the universe and galaxies before entering Heaven.

Dave lived a life of wonder and was fascinated by all of creation. He was fearless in his pursuit of knowledge and his engineering work.

David fought a brave five-and-a-half-year battle against cancer that was caused by Agent Orange from his time spent in Vietnam. The cancer began as prostate cancer, spreading to bones and finally into his brain.

He was much loved by both his family and friends and will be greatly missed.

 Published in The Statesman Examiner on Oct. 12, 2016

Turning CO2 into Ethanol with Nanospikes

By using carbon particles embedded in nano carbon spikes, a complex chemical reaction is triggered when voltage is added that directly converts co2 in water into ethanol at a 63% efficiency.

This is not a technology that will “save the world” at this point, but it is the beginning of a new promising idea and we can’t wait to see where it will end up.


The full paper is published here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/slct.201601169/full

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Low Cost Rife Microscope?

Royal Raymond Rife is well known for his “Rife Machine” that uses the “Rife Frequencies”, which he discovered by using his Rife Microscope.

What is of significance about this microscope is that it is able to see things that are so small that it’s considered impossible according to the science of conventional optics. Rife actually succeeded in doing this by using some very innovative  prismatic and other methods. This is what his miracle microscope looked like:

Rife Microscope
Rife Microscope

Having this kind of technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities in many different areas of science.

Although the Rife Microscope is long gone, there is a new, relatively simple and in expensive method that has been devised that apparently will give all the same benefits!

Conventional microscopes can only see things that are larger than the half wavelength of the light that is being used, which limits the objects being seen to about 200nm (nano-meters) or larger.

Although there have been breakthroughs in microscope technology for a while now, it wasn’t until recently that this became possible using  visible light. That means you would be able to see into the world that has remained invisible since the days of the Rife Microscope.

By using millions of 15nm wide titanium dioxide spheres that is applied to the object you want to examine, you’ll be able to see object as small as 45nm.

Keep in mind that this is with full visibility of the objects in life time as if you are looking at a live specimen under a regular microscope. And, if you use this in conjunction with any normal microscope, just by applying this new lens, it will increase its optical magnification power by five times.

For the full text of the published paper on this breakthrough technology, go here: http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/2/8/e1600901.full

For the real story on what the real Rife Machine was and how it as used, check out this new important historical disclosure: Bedini-RPX, The Bedini-Rife-Priore Device History & Schematics.

Teslafy Documentary

Janja Glogovac is creating a very important documentary about Nikola Tesla and it will feature some of our favorite top experts on the Tesla Sciences such as Eric Dollard, Paul Babcock and others.

Teslafy Documentary

A BRAND NEW trailer is available on his link that you just have to see – you’ll probably recognize a few people in it!

Help support the completion of this documentary by donating whatever you can to the cause and ask your friends to do the same.


Plasma Ignition Tutorial

Here is a full tutorial on how I installed my patented plasma ignition system on a 1977 Datsun 620 pickup with a rebuilt L20B engine.

If you want the full book and presentation package that gives you more than you ever wanted to know about this plasma ignition system that obsoletes virtually ever performance ignition system on the market anywhere, then visit http://ignitionsecrets.com

Plasma Ignition
Plasma Ignition

Paul Babcock 9/12/2016 Live Call Recording

Here’s the recording of Paul Babcock’s live call from September 12th, 2016. There are some pictures in the video from the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

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