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Joseph Newman – New Movie

Joseph Newman is one of the pioneers of the “free energy” movement. He is a controversial character that has pushed the free energy concept to mainstream more than most.

Some of my associates new him personally and have even replicated his work to various degrees and admit that his technology works. Last year, Jospeh Newman passed away from heart failure, but before that, fortunately, a full length movie about his life story was finished that details his introduction to free energy concepts, his fights and struggle and rise to fame and then the collapse at the end of his life.

NEWMAN is the name of the new movie and it is very well put together.

Film description: Joseph Newman, the legendary asocial backwoods inventor, happens onto a brilliant discovery that ends the need for oil, gas and nuclear dependency as we know it, but he spends most of his life fighting conspiracy and Washington DC for a patent.

Starring: Joseph Newman, Evan Soule, Ralph Hartwell
Runtime: 1 hour, 20 minutes

You can watch it right now on Amazon – here’s the link: NEWMAN

3 thoughts on “Joseph Newman – New Movie

  1. Thanks for posting this.
    I remember Paul Babcock mention him in his first talk on magnetism helping him to realize that “magnetism is energy, or it begets energy”. And I am also a believer in that since long time.
    We need to move this important concept of avoiding Lenz, Henry, and DC resistance and frequency dependant impedance – explained by Paul in very simple and understandable language using laws that have been accepted by the mainstream science – forward.
    But, until now, we see very little of this in our everyday products… I’d like to see these concepts – together iwth projects like the Bedini SG – on a bigger scale.
    You may want to correct this:
    “Some of my associates new him personally…”
    into this
    “Some of my associates knew him personally…”
    Be sure I’m going to watch the movie later today.

  2. As a free energy researcher, I attended Joseph Newman’s presentation at the 1993 International Tesla Society Symposium in Colorado Springs. Myself and other electrical engineers present satisfied ourselves that his energy machine worked as claimed. Later, I presented my findings on his machine and many other free energy machines that I have investigated in my book “Secret Science and the Secret Space Program”.

  3. This guy shows the fine line between genius & madness, but got to admit after watching the film. He was a genius in making this working prototype which no doubt will somehow become nano-machines within 5 years. Imagine, solar & wind power connected to these systems ?!

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