MIT Reverses Alzheimer’s with 40Hz Blinking Lights?

At MIT, researchers found that pulsing lights at 40 cycles per second at mice that are genetically engineered to develop alzheimer’s have a significant reduction in the beta amaloyd plaque that develops in their brain as well as having the right kind of cells stimulated that clean out this plaque.

This video covers the entire concept in a nutshell:

Here are a few excerpts from the article by MIT:

“After an hour of stimulation at 40 hertz, the researchers found a 40 to 50 percent reduction in the levels of beta amyloid proteins in the hippocampus.”

“Using this device, the researchers found that an hour of exposure to light flickering at 40 hertz enhanced gamma oscillations and reduced beta amyloid levels by half in the visual cortex of mice in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s. However, the proteins returned to their original levels within 24 hours.

The researchers then investigated whether a longer course of treatment could reduce amyloid plaques in mice with more advanced accumulation of amyloid plaques. After treating the mice for an hour a day for seven days, both plaques and free-floating amyloid were markedly reduced. The researchers are now trying to determine how long these effects last.”

“Tsai’s lab is now studying whether light can drive gamma oscillations in brain regions beyond the visual cortex, and preliminary data suggest that this is possible.”

Having 20 years experience with pulsed LED technologies and 25 years experience with brainwave modification techniques, light can indeed stimulate gamma wave activity in the brain beyond the visual cortex.

A mentor of mine had a IBVA (Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer) back in its early development and it could show brainwave activity visually on a laptop – this was almost 20 years ago. We did many experiments as many unusual human mind power feasts were accompanied by bursts of gamma wave activity in the brain.

Gamma wave have been known about for almost a century and stimulation of the brain with both sound and light in the gamma wave range has shown to reduce migraines, improve concentration, boost math scores and many other academic abilities in multiple areas.

These researchers at MIT appear to simply be pulsing a strip of white LED’s. To reduce the chances of damaging the eyes, it may be preferable to use a mix of red and infrared LEDs in the 660nm and 880nm range. Also, they could stimulate gamma waves in the brain pulsing the lights at one frequency in one eye and a frequency that is different in the other eye.

For example, if red light was pulsed in the right eye at 60 cycles per second and the left eye at 100 cycles per second, the corpus callosum (traffic director between both sides of the brain) will interpret a phantom frequency of the difference between them. Therefore, the entire brain will entrain itself to a frequency of 100 – 60 = 40Hz.

This can also be done with audio by putting a different frequency in each ear. This is called “binaural beats” and the same effect as the method above will happen only with audio. I’ve produced countless soundtracks over the last 10-15 years that entrain the brainwaves into whatever frequency desired.

The problem with all of these methods whether it is the simple flashing lights used at MIT or my differential method that I use is that none of these should be used by anyone who is prone to seizures.

Here is a soundtrack made of pink noise, similar to white noise but smoother, and on each channel, frequencies are embedded in order to stimulate a 40Hz gamma wave in the entire brain. This soundtrack was produced in a WAV format and is very high resolution. It was put into a WMV video to make it easy to access on YouTube.

It is 90 minutes long – the first 15 minutes ramps the brainwaves slowly from 12Hz to 40Hz. The next full 60 minutes maintains the brainwaves at 40Hz and then final 15 minutes slowly slides the brainwaves from 40Hz down to 12Hz.





It is 30 minutes long – the first 10 minutes ramps the brainwaves slowly from 12Hz to 40Hz. The next full 10 minutes maintains the brainwaves at 40Hz and then final 10 minutes slowly slides the brainwaves from 40Hz down to 12Hz.

If you want to try to download these YouTube videos or just the audio, check out some links on Google: we can’t provide help with this because there are too many computer setups, browser types, etc… but its usually done with a simple browser plugin.


Bedini RPX – What are the Sidebands Generated?

Here is a video where I walk you through the way to measure the sideband frequencies that are created when using the Bedini RPX. A machine must produce these frequencies in order to hit all the real Rife frequencies or it is not a real Rife machine.

It is possible to input a single frequency that will alter the fundamental frequency in order to hit a specific Rife frequency, but by having a function generator sweep through a broad range, you hit them all automatically without knowing what the exact frequencies are. That means it also will hit frequencies that Rife did not yet know the function of.

This is an experimental test device with no claims given.

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New Joseph Newman Disclosure Coming

Yesterday, I talked with a gentleman who is an insider into the world of Joseph Newman and he will be disclosing some of Newman’s secrets at our conference next year. I was introduced to him last year but did not realize how close he was to Newman.

According to him, what most people think they know about Joseph Newman’s technology is only 30% correct with 70% of the information still not disclosed.

At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, he will present a Newman motor running along with a disclosure of information he hasn’t publicly revealed before. He was one of Joseph Newman’s closest confidants who worked with him closely for 10 years.

New disclosures are always welcome and I was pleasantly surprised that there is more to the Newman machine that I thought.

Some of Joseph Newman’s work has been inspirational to John Bedini, Paul Babcock and others so that alone shows you the value in paying attention to this important work.

More details on this presentation and speaker will be posted on the conference website soon. 69% of the seats are already registered with only 47 left (not updated on website, but these are the latest numbrs) and we’re not even at the end of the year so we’ll probably break last year’s record easily. Get registered now – no payment is necessary at this time.

Bedini-RPX – The Bedini-Rife-Priore Device History & Schematics

bedini-rpxLast night, I reread John Bedini’s RPX book and it is astounding how simple he keeps boiling this all down to. What is even more astounding is how 99% of all the devices sold online claiming to be Rife machines are all junk and do not work and have nothing to do with Rife at all.

It is important to always understand the lineage of where your information is coming from and John was intimately connected to Joseph Crane – Rife’s own assistant. Although Crane was a charlatan, he didn’t fool John and John figured out what was really going on with the help of a few other brilliant men who were involved with the project.

The history of all of this is laid out as well as technical details on HOW the machine works and once you understand it and what John’s innovation contributed to this understanding, you can see why the plasma tubes are NOT even necessary.

Having known John for almost 20 years and having spent countless hours at his various shops over those years, it was always amazing to watch how he keeps making any particular circuit simpler and simpler and simpler. That is exactly what he has done with his Sideband Generator circuit, which actually has its origins in his work on the Rife technology starting decades ago.

I personally have no background in radio frequency circuits, sidebands, etc… however, between John’s book and 3.6 hours of video that comes with the book, the operating principles and how it is built is easily understood.

John Bedini
John Bedini Explains the REAL Rife Technology

Some people think it is all about audio frequencies that are common to countless “Rife Frequency” lists that are available everywhere you look. They also think they can just get some function generator and output those frequencies to electrodes and that is supposed to do something – big mistake.  They also think you need some high power plasma tube to transmit the frequencies and although that works, it is completely unnecessary.

For the audio frequencies, it is important to understand what you have to do with them in order for them to be significant. And it is also important to understand their mathematical relationship with a fundamental frequency that is necessary to produce the REAL Rife frequencies. Without this knowledge, all those audio Rife Frequency lists are completely useless.

Another very important fact to understand is the method of DELIVERY of the frequencies. Once you understand Priore’s work, then you understand what John has simplified while making the plasma tubes obsolete and what used to fill up a 4 story building  can now be held in the palm of your hand, literally.

John lays out some simple block diagrams in the Bedini RPX book as well as some very specific schematics that are COMPLETE that allow you to build an analog Sideband Generator that outputs the proper Rife Frequencies along with a low power delivery method that doesn’t require a tube. And the whole circuit can be made with common off-the-shelf components available at Mouser, Digikey, etc…

If you’re an electrical engineer and also have experience with audio circuits, it will be more than obvious how to make multiple variations of the same circuit that will accomplish the same thing.

This book shows what to look for on a scope as well as a frequency analyzer with a tracking option so you can see that all the Rife Frequencies ARE indeed being hit like a magic bullet. And with the proper sweeping input from an audio generator, it will hit ALL the frequencies further making it obsolete to program in any particular frequency.

Please understand this information is for experimental use only with no claims given, but it is THE most important disclosure of Rife’s technology that has ever been given to the public.

We’re giving you a free digital book or video from A & P Electronic Media with each and every purchase so make sure to let us know which one you want.

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