Jameson Reid’s School Bus Conversion

Jameson & Julie Reid
Jameson & Julie Reid

Jameson Reid is a fellow alternative energy enthusiast who will be starting a new podcast show featuring energy technologies, inventors and related topics. He attended last year’s Energy Science & Technology Conference and expressed interesting in helping to get the word out so stay tuned.

Jameson and his wife Julie have been working hard on converting a school bus into a home and they will be exploring alternative energy methods to help power its electrical needs.

They’re driving the bus to the conference so if you’re going to be there, they’re available to answer any questions if you’re interested in the project or doing it yourself.

This project is documented on Facebook here – so take a look and LIKE the page to show your support and help get the word out. We’re looking forward to seeing the end result! https://www.facebook.com/thewindandthereids/

Gravity Control

Gravity Control with Present Technology
Gravity Control with Present Technology

David Alzofon is a technical writer and the son of Dr. Frederick Alzofon (1919 – 2012), inventor of gravity control. David is presenting at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

From the mid-1950s through 2012, he had a ringside seat to the development of the technology, and actively searched for investors in Silicon Valley from 1981 through 2012, which could be the topic of a lecture in itself.

In the six years following his father’s death, he has ramped up efforts to publicize his father’s discoveries with the publication of two books: How to Build a Flying Saucer (And Save the Planet) and The Top-Ten UFO Riddles – Solutions from Science. The first book has been re-released under a new title: Gravity Control With Present Technology

More than anyone alive he understands the theoretical basis of the technology and why it has met with so much resistance from establishment physics, in spite of being endorsed in a 1960 report by the U.S. Air Force and the overwhelmingly favorable impression his father, who received his doctorate at Cal Berkeley, made upon knowledgeable critics.

How to Build a Flying Saucer has been re-released under a new title with a new link. Go here to get your copy now: Gravity Control With Present Technology

David Presented at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – this video presentation is available here: https://emediapress.com/davidalzofon/gravitycontrol/

2018-05-24 Geoffrey Miller on Missing John Bedini Video

Geoffrey Miller recently shared a few tidbits about the Missing 1984 presentation by John Bedini. Here is the interview with a few pics from the presentation that will give you a glimpse into what is coming out soon!

This is a * MUST HAVE * video that is not only historical and RARE as hen’s teeth, it is highly valuable and the material that John covers is absolutely priceless. You will see John Bedini in a completely unrestrained form unlike anything you have ever seen from him. He holds back on nothing and is completely forward and blunt about each and every claim he makes.