Goodbye Dr. McGee!

It was only relatively recently that I learned of the passing of Charles T. McGee, MD who I worked closely with nearly 20 years ago and who was a great inspiration to me.

20 years ago, it was Dr. McGee who had partnered up with my friend and mentor Rodger Q. Estes to start Chee Energy, which was a company that manufactured and distributed pulsed LED blankets and hand-held devices along with other therapeutic devices.

Dr. McGee and Rodger both were friends with Linus Pauling, Ewan Cameron and others in the same field and he was a pioneer in orthomolecular medicine. Below is a copy of the obituary from last August and unfortunately, I only learned of his passing about a month ago. Dr. McGee’s obituary is very humble and is but a small sliver of his great contributions to the field of medicine and to humanity.

Thank you for everything Dr. McGee!

His obituary is below:

Charles T. McGee, MD
Charles T. McGee, MD

Charles (Chuck) T McGee M.D., 84, from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho left us to join his beloved wife, Carol June, in God’s Kingdom on August 10, 2019. Chuck was born, April 28, 1935 in Turlock, California to his parents, Leonard Lacy McGee and Margaret Elizabeth McGee. He was a very inquisitive child who always dreamed of growing up to serve people as a doctor.

He pursued his passion and graduated in the top of his class at University of Washington where he excelled at and chose obstetrics as his focus. He continued to practice this field until late in his life. Chuck met his wife while he was a senior medical student at Wesley Hospital in Chicago. Lovely Carol was a head nurse and the two fell fast in love. They travelled the globe together for years and then decided to start their family. They adopted their two children, Tom and Liz.

Chuck dedicated his life to his medical career and his family. He loved skiing, golfing, piloting model airplanes, gardening, and, he also published four medical research books. His love of modern medicine and alternative treatments made Chuck a unique, well rounded physician. He was loved by everyone he came in contact with. His quick wit and dry sense of humor kept people laughing and on their toes at the same time.

Chuck is survived by daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Bunch, and devoted son-in-law, Brent Bunch of Rathdrum; son, Thomas McGee and daughter- in-law, Jaclyn McGee, of Seattle, Washington; his cousin, Martha Hall of Michigan; brother-in-law, Skip Cooper of Seattle; grandchildren: Blake and Alisha Schuttemeier of Coeur d’Alene, Kody McGee, Brandon Bunch, Brooklyn Bunch, Kyle McGee, all of Rathdrum; great grandchildren, Tia and Logan Schuttemeier. Chuck is also survived by a large number of nieces and nephews and family members from all over the country. He is preceded in death by his parents, Leonard and Margaret McGee, and sister, Barbara Cooper.

If you would like to make a charitable donation on behalf of Chuck, please donate to the Schneidmiller Hospice House, 2290 W Prairie Ave, Coeur d’Alene Idaho 83815.

A funeral service will be held for Chuck on Saturday, August 17, 2019 at 3:00 PM at Yates Funeral Home – Coeur d’Alene Chapel, 744 N. 4th St., Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814.

A reception will follow at Ponderosa Golf Course, 1291 N Galena Dr, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814.

Self-Sustaining 2-Stage Tesla Turbine

Here’s a self-sustaining 2-stage Tesla Turbine setup – watch the video…

Cryophorus 2-Stage Tesla Turbine self-runs by creating it’s own vacuum to boil water in a warm tank at low temperature. This vapor pressure runs the first stage turbine, while the second stage maintains the vacuum. This runs in this self-running mode as long as there is enough warmth in the front side tank.

There will be more disclosed at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference, which has not be revealed publicly yet with possibly other relevant demonstrations!

If you want a bit more insight, it’s recommended to get this book. Tesla’s Engine – there are only a handful of used copies left. When those are gone, they’re gone!

The 2020 ESTC is 1/3 sold out already, get your tickets while you can!


Dollard’s HV Audio Rack Components

Here’s a quick look at the HV Rectifier panel I’m building based on Eric’s design along with more progress on the Linear Audio Modulator.

What’s the point to all of this? I have to 19 inch wide and about 6 ft tall Air Force racks for rack mount equipment. One rack will have all the audio and the other rack will have all the RF equivalents.

The audio rack will have a signal generator that will feed a 30 watt amp, which feeds the audio modulator you see in the video with the 810 tubes, that works in conjunction with the HV rectifier unit, which then outputs to the output transformer. This will turn whatever signal or audio I put into the input into a 5kv output at ultra high fidelity, which can do a lot of things, which I’m not going to reveal yet. If this is all done in time for the conference, there may be a couple demonstrations, which is the goal.

The RF rack will have almost the same setup but for radio frequencies. When mixed with the audio setup, it will be able to demonstrate a flame speaker like what Eric demonstrated at last year’s conference with the 20:1 scale model Tesla’s Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer. However, with the setup I’m building, it may have a flame that is 18 inches long approaching at over 80dB so it will probably literally knock you out of your chair.

The RF side may not be done until next year’s conference. I’m working as fast as I can, which is a challenge since I have to organize the 2020 ESTC and run a couple businesses but I’m getting there!

The 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference is already 1/3 sold out so get your tickets while you can – come meet Eric Dollard live!

You may have seen Tesla coils online outputting audio – but those are almost always PWM (pulse width modulated) and the quality of the sound is similar to a 1980’s Mario Brothers video game so not very impressive. This is RF modulated and is a huge difference. The above-mentioned setup will be the highest quality audio you’ve ever heard in your life as well as being extremely holographic – it will be coming right out of space and is not associated spatially with any speaker or possibly even the flame. If Tesla made a sound system, this is what it would be.

This will also be able to replicate the full Cosmic Induction Generator designed by Eric years ago with the golden ratio discharges and more. It will demonstrate the destruction of energy and quite a few other things that completely smash the so-called “Laws of Physics.”

Anyway, it’s an expensive project, so if you want to donate to the project to make it easier on all of us, please donate by PayPal here: