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How to Make Liposomal C – The Right Way

Liposomal C

Liposomal C is superior to other forms of Vitamin C. Absorbic acid is the least bio-available, mineral ascorbates are very bio-available but Liposomal C is the most bio-available – bio-available meaning in a form that can be readily used.

Even if you have intravenous ascorbic acid going straight to your blood, how much is actually being delivered to the cells? The literature suggests that Liposomal C is so superior that oral Liposomal C can get more to the cells than IV ascorbic acid – that’s quite a claim.

I’m not making any claims for health benefits even though the published material on vitamin C is insurmountable showing the vast benefits. This post is only to show you a how-to on making your own as the best quality Liposomal C is fairly expensive.

For maybe $15-20 worth of ingredients, you can make about $200 worth of Liposomal C.

If you want the source, this is the best:

I’ve looked into this for several years and there are too many recipes that don’t include alcohol – those are all phony as far as I’m concerned. The good quality fresh Liposomal C lists alcohol as a preservative, which it is, but more importantly, the alcohol is necessary to create the liposomes properly. Basically, these are tiny microspheres of fat encapsulated Vitamin C. This goes straight through your intestinal lining into your blood and then these liposomes easily transfer right through the fatty membrane of your cells.

This video is a bit long – I did this in late sleep deprived hours of the night during this quarantine situation and it could probably be shorter, but go to the website up above to print out the instructions if you want just the brief recipe. It is however good for the first timer to actually watch the entire video. Here it is – pass the link on to your friends using the share buttons below. Give the video a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel

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  1. Thank you buddy. This info is a lifesaver, I’ve been using vit c for years now and it certainly helps when used at mega dose levels.

    Liposomal version is on another level though. Better than IV. Great! I’ve just found credible research that we can kill coronavirus easily and cheaply using Tonic Water with added Quinine and Zinc. Not Zinc oxide as it is not easy to absorb.

    I hope this all backfires on them and makes the world a nicer place to live in….

    Paul Iacono

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