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Boosting Stem Cells without Supplements or Shots

Lifewave X39

For about a month, I’ve been using an interesting product that is designed to boost stem cells without having to take pills or capsules or even shots.

Several of my friends have used it and some grey whiskers are getting dark, one friend has been using it and a large bump on his forehead has been steadily getting smaller.

It’s a bit early to tell but I give any kind of wellness product at least 90 days to see if it is doing something beneficial. I’m in really good health so it’s hard for me to tell a difference with most products. What I have noticed is that I’m able to fall asleep sooner after I lay down compared to normal and I’ve also lost some weight. I’m mostly on the thin side but belly fat does become problematic if I’m too stagnant! 🙂 I’ve been as high as almost 170 lbs about 1.5 years ago and no matter what I eliminate from my diet, I’ve been hoovering in the mid to high 150’s. For the first time in years, a few days ago, I finally fell past the 155 mark to 154.4 – I’ve been trying for months to drop below 155 and it finally happened. My target weight is 145 to 150.

Did this new product have anything to do with it or is it just coincidence? I don’t know but it is easy to use. It is a simple patch that I put on my body and wear it for 12 hours a day and that’s it. And guess what? It is not even transdermal so no chemicals are going through my skin. I still don’t understand how it works, but the studies are showing it boosts glutathione, copper peptide, which is necessary to boost stem cell production, etc.

I became a distributor to get the best pricing and I bought a 3 month supply for myself and some relatives who I’m giving it to for a test. There is a LOT of clinical evidence that this works so check it out here: Lifewave

2 thoughts on “Boosting Stem Cells without Supplements or Shots

  1. very interesting , thanks Arron , I run ,only 5 kms as distance running has definitely been proven bad , but it does give me a good way to see if supplements are doing anything , without green barley I can’t run !, seriously, body just wont do more than 2 k . [ have done 2 half marathons since using barley ] . I also take rather a lot of other supplimets that do help a little ,ubiguinol astaxanthin etc .am trialing ‘stemrealease ‘, from ‘stemtech’ , an algae product , after a couple of multi month trials on and off , I think it does help . Will be good to get your take on this ‘patch’ after a few months . { man don’t you just get sick of hype promotions with glowing recommendations from people who have just got their new product and felt the difference after a day !! } . God bless MG

  2. Any updates on this? Does it work?

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