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Original Bourke Engine Coming to ESTC 2021

Bourke Engine

The Bourke Engine not only destroys Carnot’s Law, it’s just plain amazing! Roger Richard is the world’s leading authority on the subject, has multiple, original motors built by Russell Bourke himself, and has even built one that has a thermal efficiency of about 85%.

This ORIGNIAL Bourke engine will be displayed at the 10th Annual Energy Science & Technology Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho from July 7 to 11, 2021. Also, Sky Huddleston of the will be coming to the conference as well and he is bringing his original Bourke Engine as well! Two real Bourke Engines at the same conference? This probably has never happened!

Also, get your tickets to the 10th Annual Energy Science & Technology Conference where we will be demonstrating this and more 🙂 – Learn more about the Energy Conference here:

The direct link to get your ticket(s) is here:

Although it won’t be running, Roger is bringing a 30 Cubic Inch Bourke engine (see pics below) so everyone can see it up close. He may even disassemble it so you can see how the inside is put together. This is by far, the most important internal combustion engine ever created. Technically, it is a detonation engine with some interesting properties and it runs so cool, you can put your hand over he exhaust port while it is running. Roger has demonstrated that many times over the years.

This is a very rare opportunity to learn from the most knowledgeable expert on the subject, see two real Bourke Engines and pick Roger’s brain on just about anything you’d ever want to know about it.

This public domain image shows the operating principle but there is a lot more than meets the eye and Roger has taken it beyond what even Bourke himself could do.

The Bourke Engine Documentary is a book compiled by Lois Bourke to highlight her husband’s life work and you can get a copy of it here:

Subscribe to Roger’s YouTube Channel – Bourke Engine TV – and make sure to watch all his videos. You’ll have no doubt that he is the modern day master of the Bourke Engine.

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  1. I’m surprised that a real Bourke engine has been found and got it to work, with blowing the engine up! I knew Louise Bourke in the late 1970’s. Met with he many times, talking with her about her husbands engine. I’m fortunate to own an original autographed copy of her Bourke Engine book. I also own original machine drawings for a Bourke Engine. Have worked on machining original Bourke engine cylinder castings, but the intake ports measurements didn’t follow what was given in the machine drawings. Mystery of the true design was being kept a secret! Mrs. Bourke was always being hounded by people trying to get the secret of the workings of the Bourke engine. A buddy of mine, who introduced me to Louise Burke, managed to get hold of an original engine. We had it bolted to a sawed-off tree stump, and got it rope started. It accelerated to full speed that we dove for cover, because we thought it was going to blow itself apart from over speed! It didn’t as it ran out of gasoline used for our test. I haven’t thought about this engine for years, but it’s nice to see someone still tinkering with a Bourke Engine. Louise Bourke lived in Penngrove, CA. She was very old when I met her. She lived like a recluse, because she was hounded by people wanting to profit from her husband’s invention. Wish I could attend the 2021 Conference, but I can’t spare the admission cost. I live in Pahrump, NV.

    Bob Fansler

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