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Eric Dollard’s Response to The Big Misconception About Electricity by Veritasium

Oliver Heaviside

A recent video produced by Veritasium discusses the energetic flow happening outside the wires. Not that this is a mystery but it does have about 9.5 Million views by now and nobody seems to understand the solution to the problem.

It seems that Derek Muller inspiration of this video came from a question proposed to him by a professor of his.

The video is pretty good although there are errors in his basic usage of some terminology, etc. it’s worth watching. Eric Dollard spend quite a bit of time scouring through the comments and couldn’t find a single one where anyone understood the situation so the solution is posted directly below the video – watch the video first and then real Eric’s solution.

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HERE’S THE SOLUTION FROM ERIC DOLLARD, since most people commenting on the video are struggling to understand what is happening – it’s a very basic transmission line problem:

“First of all, there are a lot of assumptions involved so they have to be cleared away. The incandescent light bulb should be able to pass current in both direction (not LED), also, the light bulb resistance should remain constant regardless of what current or voltage is applied to it. So, in this case, we want the resistance of the light bulb to equal twice the impedance of the two transmission lines. Or, in other words, the impedance of the two lines in series. Also, the resistance and leakage conductance of the transmission line should be negligible or zero, as well as the permeability and permittivity equaling unity. This greatly simplifies the process by eliminating echoes. Upon closure of the switch, the light will light to half voltage. The two transmission lines will appear as resistors at the terminals between the battery and the light bulb. After the time it takes for a traveling wave to propagate from the battery light bulb to the short circuit at the end of the line and back, the light bulb will receive full battery voltage. There is nothing abstract about this; this is standard transmission line engineering.” – Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard says his presentation from last year covers this in detail:

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