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Cosmic Induction Generator – New Tesla Brush Bulb Tests

Cosmic Induction Generator - Tesla Brush Bulb

Last year at the conference, Eric Dollard and I presented on The Borderlands of Nikola Tesla’s Resonant Transformer, which included some basic plasma bulb tests in the Cosmic Induction Generator.

We have some other upcoming experiments but short term, we experimented with a few other Tesla style Brush Bulbs – some results we have seen and some we have not.

The vid is a bit long for what is shown because it’s mostly unedited so watch the whole thing or just skip to the different illumination demos.

We’re not sure how much time we’ll have to upscale all of this equipment to have a part 2 of this presentation this year but we’ll do what we can. All in person tickets to our conference are sold out but we have some live streaming tickets if you want to tune in remotely:

Energy Science & Technology Conference website is here: https://energyscienceconference.com

Virtual streaming tickets are available here: https://emediapress.com/shop/2022-energy-science-and-technology-conference-live-stream-access/

Check out the video below.

Tesla Scientific - Discover The True Wireless
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2 thoughts on “Cosmic Induction Generator – New Tesla Brush Bulb Tests

  1. Have you detected any gas within the evacuated tube after use? To eliminate any degradation of the tube?

    All the best,

  2. Any chance you have a thermal imager around? The temperature distribution would be interesting, especially if it appears non-existent or constant or too small to measure easily.

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