2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference Presentations

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  • Introducing Griffin Brock
    Griffin Brock is a 16 year old enthusiast in the electrical sciences and he is an avid experimenter who has replicated some of Eric Dollard’s work. He was also a presenter at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference. He delivered two presentations. One was on his variation of an electrodynamic seismic forecasting system and […]
  • Boosting Stem Cells without Supplements or Shots
    For about a month, I’ve been using an interesting product that is designed to boost stem cells without having to take pills or capsules or even shots. Several of my friends have used it and some grey whiskers are getting dark, one friend has been using it and a large bump on his forehead has […]
  • Wardenclyffe by Ernst Van Den Bergh & Kyle Dell’Aquila
    I have had the pleasure of communicating with Ernst Willem Van Den Bergh over the last few years and feel that he has much to add to our electric community. Born in the Netherlands and now based in Thailand, Ernst Willem Van Den Bergh resumes the electrical physics research of Nikola Tesla. Ernst has focused his […]
  • Teleportation Demonstration
    Only for those with a sense of humor… Now back to reality – https://emediapress.com
  • Eric Dollard Advances the Work of Heaviside & Fortescue
    The presentations are available here: https://emediapress.com/shop/combo-electromagnetic-induction-propagation-method-symmetrical-co-ordinates-applied-solution-polyphase-networks/ Check out this brief video where Eric gives his own overview of the two new presentations: