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ERIC DOLLARD – Theory, Calculation and Operation of the Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer – https://emediapress.com/ericdollard/tesla/
JAMES DEMEO, PHD – Cosmic Ether Exists: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science – https://emediapress.com/jamesdemeo/orgone/
JAMES DEMEO, PHD – The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Experimental Confirmations and New Water-Structuring Evidence – https://emediapress.com/jamesdemeo/orgone/
JACK HANLON, PHD – The Secret Power Source for Overunity Switched Reluctance Generators – https://emediapress.com/jackhanlon/geometric/
ROBERT HARALICK, PHD – Longitudinal & Scalar Waves: The Biquaternion Generalization of Maxwell’s Equations – https://emediapress.com/robertharalick/scalar/
PAUL BABCOCK – Aether Weirdness – It’s About Time. Magic Batteries and Other Observations – https://emediapress.com/paulbabcock/aether/
FREE VIEWING – PANEL DISCUSSION 1 – https://emediapress.com/2019/08/21/panel-discussion-2-2019-energy-science-technology-conference/
FREE VIEWING – PANEL DISCUSSION 2 – https://emediapress.com/2019/08/01/panel-discussion-1-2019-energy-science-technology-conference/
FREE VIEWING – VENDOR SHOWCASE – https://emediapress.com/2019/08/21/vendors-announcements-at-the-2019-energy-science-technology-conference/
KURT KUNG, PHD – The Electrical Properties of Interfacial Water and the Possible Tools to Measure the Subtle Water Characteristics in Vitro – https://emediapress.com/kurtkung/water/
PETER LINDEMANN, DSC – John Bedini’s Self-Recharging Monopole Motor – https://emediapress.com/peterlindemann/bedini/
MIKE CLARKE, DC – Trials and Triumps of the Reactive Power Generator Motor – https://emediapress.com/mikeclarke/motor/
WALT JENKINS – Disruptive Water Fuel – https://emediapress.com/waltjenkins/h2global/
ERIC DOLLARD – Electrodynamic Seismic Forecasting – https://emediapress.com/ericdollard/musicalseismograph/
KEVIN JABLONSKI JD, RS STAFFORD, SETH YOUNG – Intellectual Property Protection, PCB Software and Contract Manufacturing – https://emediapress.com/estc/2019biz/
KEN ROCHON – The Science of Smiles – FREE VIEWING – https://emediapress.com/2019/10/23/science-of-smiles-by-ken-rochon/
AARON MURAKAMI – Red Light Power – https://emediapress.com/aaronmurakami/redlight/


JOHN BEDINI – MISSING 1984 PRESENTATIONS: https://emediapress.com/johnbedini/1984/
DR. GERALD POLLACK – FOURTH PHASE OF WATER, BEYOND LIQUID, SOLID & VAPORhttps://emediapress.com/geraldpollack/4thphase/
DAVID ALZOFON – GRAVITY CONTROL WITH PRESENT TECHNOLOGYhttps://emediapress.com/davidalzofon/gravitycontrol/
PANEL DISCUSSION 1 – FREE VIEWING – https://emediapress.com/2018/07/27/2018-energy-science-technology-conference-panel-discussion-1/
KEN WHEELER – UNCOVERING THE MISSING SECRETS OF MAGNETISM: https://emediapress.com/kenwheeler/magnetism/
JIM MURRAY – THE MEANING OF UNITY IN ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEMS: https://emediapress.com/jimmurray/unity/
PANEL DISCUSSION 2 – FREE VIEWING – https://emediapress.com/2018/08/04/2018-energy-science-technology-conference-panel-discussion-2/
YARO STANCHAK- HIDDEN DANCE – ZERO FORCE MOTOR PART 2: https://emediapress.com/yarostanchak/zeroforcemotor/
AARON MURAKAMI – ELECTRO-BIOHACKING: https://emediapress.com/aaronmurakami/biohacking/
DEVELOP – DISRUPT – DOWNLOAD BY KEN ROCHON – FREE VIEWING – https://emediapress.com/2018/08/11/develop-disrupt-download-by-ken-rochon/
ROBERT HARALICK – CONSCIOUS INTENTION, WATER & SUBTLE ENERGY: https://emediapress.com/robertharalick/mind/
ANUPAM TEWARI – TEWARI REACTIONLESS GENERATOR (RLG): https://emediapress.com/tewari/generator/
JEANE MANNING & SUSAN MANEWICH – DANCING WITH THE AETHER: https://emediapress.com/manningmanewich/dancing
PETER LINDEMANN – SELF-RECHARGING BATTERY SUPPLY OF CARLOS F. BENITEZ: https://emediapress.com/peterlindemann/benitez/
PAUL BABCOCK, THE LIVING EARTH – HOW EARTH GENERATES LIFE FORCE ENERGY: https://emediapress.com/paulbabcock/universalmedium/
JOHN PETERSEN, NEW ENERGY: THE LINCHPIN TO UNPRECEDENTED CHANGE: https://emediapress.com/johnpetersen/newenergy/
KAREN ELKINS, MAN, MACHINE & THE LIVING MATRIX: https://emediapress.com/karenelkins/matrix/
RAINER VIEHWEGER, M.D., COMMUNICATION & COOPERATION IN NATURE: https://emediapress.com/rainerviehweger/globalscaling/


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