Method Of Symmetrical Co-Ordinates Applied To The Solution Of Polyphase Networks by Eric Dollard
Orgone Energy Experiments Part 2 - Proof Of A Cosmic Life-Energy by James DeMeo
Cosmic Ether Exists Part 2 - Implications To Modern Physics by James DeMeo

The Quantum Key

The Quantum Key - Aaron MurakamiThe Quantum Key by Aaron Murakami, BSNHSimple aetheric unified “field” model that explains the physics behind abundance.

Whether it is showing how some machines can and do produce more work than it takes to run them or whether it is your own mind that helps you with manifesting more than your own efforts, The Quantum Key unifies these concepts that just about anyone can understand.

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Three Phase Distribution System Representation by Griffin Brock
Electrodynamic Seismic Forecasting – A Simplified Approach by Griffin Brock
Tesla Scientific - Discover The True Wireless
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