Open System Physics & Thermodynamics by Mike Waters

"An Understanding Of Open System Thermodynamics Allows The Waters Wind Turbine To Produce Electricity With Over A 100 Times More Efficiency Than A Standard Turbine. Michael Has Also Defined THE Proof That Has Achieved 100% Success Rate In Convincing Physicists Of The Fallacy Of Closed Systems And How Overunity Can Be Achieved!" The Closed System Belief Is A Primary Foundation Of Current Physics. Michael Can Actually Prove That The Closed System Assumption Is In Fact IMPOSSIBLE.

REVEALED: Open System Breakthrough Technologies which put the Final Nail in the Coffing of Closed System Physics and an Open System Wind Turbine that Produces Electricity in as Little as 1 MPH.

Mike Waters

Michael Waters

Open System Physics & Thermodynamics™


Michael Waters

In the last twelve years Michael Waters has researched cutting edge science and technologies that redefine current understandings in mainstream physics. He has established a large collaborative network of researchers and breakthroughs that profoundly affect fields of energy, mining, health, food, water, transportation, housing, sustainable economics and environmental recovery. The purpose of this research has been to discover causes of and solutions for the increasing number of global crises we now face.

A primary focus has been energy R&D, working with a diverse group of breakthroughs that combined, uncover new understandings in physics. These discoveries also explain why current global business and environmental models are fundamentally unsustainable. Michael is currently on the board of a number of organizations involved in advanced energy, mining, agriculture and finance and directly involved in developing several paradigm shifting energy breakthroughs. Michael’s inventions span diverse fields including energy, robotics, fluidics, conservation, aviation and housing.

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Open System Physics & Thermodynamics by Mike WatersFrom: Mike Waters
RE: Open System Physics & Thermodynamics

Closed system thermodymamics is taught as gospel by conventional academics and forms the foundation of our civilization and all current technologies. The problem is, there is no such thing as a closed system.

The closed system assumption is defined as being an isolated system, but the same definition states that energy is exchanged with the surrounding environment so it makes little sense.

Everything in the natural world operates on the principles of Open System energy exchanges and Thermodynamics. We can apply these same concepts to energy producing machines whether they're electrical, mechanical, biological or otherwise.

Open system knowledge allows a generator to receive free source potential from the environment. This can accomplish real work and that is exactly what Michael's wind turbine example and other energy technologies accomplish. Although conventional wind powered generators are open system, they are developed based on closed system efficiency formulas. Michael's does the opposite because it uses a completely different principle that is not handicapped by conventional beliefs of closed system efficiency limits.

Think about it, a triple bladed turbine has 97% empty space where the wind blows right through and does absolutely nothing. And, only a small percentage of the blade near the tips ever gets traction on the wind, which only lets it produce a small amount of electricity. This is because the aerodynamic efficiency of the blade is the primary focus.

With Michael's turbine, 100% of the available wind force is used so that it takes only a small amount of wind to give us the maximum amount of electricity. That means that if a conventional turbine has a diameter of about 250 feet, Michael's turbine can create the same electricity at a diameter of only about 50 feet. And, it works even better in the water!

By understanding open system physics, we can develop personal transport vehicles with unlimited range, create abundant energy from primary sources for little cost and other benefits that we are only starting to understand. Michael's message goes far beyond basic wind thermodynamics into discussing breakthroughs in energy and transportation and understanding the basis of far more powerful Open System energy sources that can produce unlimited energy in any locations.


Open System Physics & Thermodynamics

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Learn the simplest argument to convince ANY physicists that their most basic assumption regarding energy conservation are wrong and that "overunity" systems are possible!

Open System Physics & Thermodynamics


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Open System Physics & Thermodynamics by Mike Waters

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Open System Thermodynamics


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