2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference Presentations

2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference Presentations

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  • Veljko 2-State Oscillator Advancement
    Veljko’s 2-stage oscillator is an amazing device that produces more mechanical work than it takes to run the device. It’s in use by hundreds of companies around the world pumping water, grinding grain, etc. You can find some foundational video/articles about Veljko’s work here: https://emediapress.com/?s=veljko
  • Bourke Engine Update by Roger Richard
    Roger Richard’s protégé, Sky Huddleston, presented at the 2021 ESTC on the Bourke Engine and is the most comprehensive and authoritative presentation ever given on this technology. Here is a relatively recent video demonstration by Roger Richard that you can watch here. Roger’s description is: “I played with a trial video editor and got some […]
  • Robert Adams Thermo Pulse Motor
    Nick Kraakman presented at the 2021 ESTC on the works of Dr. Robert Adams of the famous “Adams Motor.” He is still moving forward on the project and here is his latest video: Nick’s full presentation from the conference is available here:
  • John Washenko Passes Over
    This is posted after John’s memorial service but is included for completeness. The below is copied directly from Steve Elswick’s email from October 13, 2021: Distribute Widely!   Last week, we lost a vital member of our community… John Washenko! John is most familiar to those who have attended the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conferences over the […]
  • Science of Nikola Tesla’s Longitudinal Wave Transmission
    There is a lot of propaganda/misinformation online regarding Longitudinal wave transmission, false claims about “scalar waves”, which don’t even exist and other nonsense. TRANSVERSE & LONGITUDINAL ELECTRIC WAVES AND TESLA’S LONGITUDINAL ELECTRICITY These classic FREE videos will address most of what everyone is looking for. It’s a bit dated, but the information is accurate and […]