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This presentation, Beneficial Field Technology, follows the same theme of Paul Babcock’s previous presentations on The Universal Medium and The Living Earth, which expands on the connection between life and the living, electrical system of the Earth. This is heavily related to the Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator (MWO), which replicates the Earth to Ionosphere electrostatic field “on steroids”.

In true passionate Babcock form, there is a heavy spiritual and metaphysical theme woven throughout this presentation.

He connects the energetic self with the energetic aspect of nature and describes how Beneficial Field Technologies enhance this natural connection down to the chromosomal level using non-transverse waves so therefore, they are longitudinal. Paul points to various places around the world where this kind of technology is thought to have been used in ancient times. Again, there is a heavy focus on the chromosomes and how they are in resonance with the natural life force energies of nature.

He gives a few examples of modern versions of these technologies including the MWO, magnets or bio-photonic devices. He also gives a comparison between the natural radiant field, orgone and orgone accumulation. Paul also shares his personal experiences with all of these modern modalities and what they’ve done for him.

Most people’s understanding of the Earth/Ionosphere connection is very superficial but in this presentation, you’ll learn more of the intricate details of the energetic aspect of this dynamic, electrostatic field that is at play. This is empowering because once we understand it to this level, we can know better how to engineer Beneficial Field Technologies that are in alignment with these natural processes. And you’re going to love what the MWO has done to the plants in the area!

Part of the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (107 mins downloadable video).


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