Biomagnetic Pair Theory


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Biomagnetic pair therapy (BPT) or biomagnetism has been referred to as a “revolutionary, and both scientific and therapeutic modality to wellness.” This can be further explained as a novel modality to healing and wellness, that is non-invasive, and classified within an emerging field known as, Energy Medicine. BPT is unique compared to other holistic modalities to wellness such as magnet therapy (which uses only 1 single magnet), and of course it is vastly different compared to modern allopathic medicine.

Biomagnetic pair therapy is recognized and practiced internationally, as an approach to health that uses a pair of opposite polarity biomagnets (a North and a South, therefore forming a polarity when placed properly on the body). BPT utilizes specific high field strength neodymium biomagnets, and was pioneered by Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD, in Mexico City, starting in 1988. These specified placements, correspond to over 1000 meticulously annotated pairs of placements, and in the hands of medical doctors across the globe, these placements have unique effects for targeting various conditions of pH imbalance, which on a larger systemic body-wide scale, tend to correspond to specific conditions or dis-ease states. By re-establishing the pH balance within microsites within the body, various microbial pathogens such as viruses, fungi, parasites, and bacteria, and the cytotoxins they excrete, can be better mitigated with our own natural immune system.

BPT applied to other animals such as horses, demonstrates this is not a placebo effect, while studies from Kirlian photography and other energy capturing imaging, indicates just as well as when someone who is very light and happy energetically, walks into a room, and one experiences the other’s longitudinal waves (Tesla waves). If the energy you emit, the thoughts you entertain are positive, functional MRI studies, demonstrate that the central nervous system and downstream immune system functions are of positive nature whereas the opposite leads to diminished immune system function (and that’s translated to chronic illness, slow healing, and advanced dis-ease clinical indicators). We truly become what we think. In biomagnetic pair therapy, we find consistently that the body goes, where the mind tells it.

While placements are organized by category of concern or anatomical region, biomagnetic pair therapy and medical doctors who have pioneered this protocol have shared their placements for the benefit of everyone, and we are guided to state that “these placements do not cure, treat, or diagnose disease.” These placements have been shown to have a biofeedback effect, which is identified as modifying the pH of the body.

ESTC 2020 provided a unique opportunity to present Biomagnetic Pair Therapy in the framework of how it could be applied to the year of Covid 19, as Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD, published his own identification of placements associated with the strain of Coronavirus he coined the Wuhan Virus, when little was first known about its origins other than location. A novel finding was shared during this presentation, correlating BPT and specific placements to the work of the pioneers of Energy Medicine, such as Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, and a preliminary elucidation of the mechanism by which BPT works within the body was explained. Lastly, as an educational opportunity, the audience was given a unique perspective to learn how to discern science publication worthy data, ‘vs. manipulated or fraudulent data, the latter which has been shamefully rampant during 2020 as a result of Covid 19, politics, and money. A brief discussion on the mode of action of a 60 year old generic drug that became famous in 2020 was also highlighted, namely the mechanism of hydroxychloroquine mode of action. In doing so, this provided an example of biomedical fraud in academics and peer reviewed journals which exposes the corruption that we currently face in so many facets of industry, government and society as a whole.

As a Daughter of the American Revolution and as a proponent of biomedical freedom, Dr. Ingrid, Ph.D. encouraged the audience to become their own advocate of health to become one’s own Doctor. As a vocal proponent of biomedical freedom, Dr. Ingrid’s philosophy is quite simple: first and foremost doctors and research scientists ought to do no harm and as such, allopathic medicine has it backwards. Instead of introducing agents or procedures that will damage or challenge the immune system, we should build it back up to optimal functioning. We are each a complex physiological cocktail, where at the heart of it, we are our central nervous systems. How the mind sees its body has a profound effect upon prognosis and ultimate healing, and so we find that the body goes where the mind tells it.

Part of the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (73 mins downloadable video).


Any health related information in this presentation is not intended to take the place of advice or treatment from healthcare professionals. It is also not intended to substitute for the users’ relationships with their own health care and pharmaceutical providers. This presentation is provided for information uses only.



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