Build A Tesla Coil The Way Tesla Built Them



“With all the Dollard and related Tesla Coil related presentations, my first question to Hakasays was, “What makes this any different?” Actually, it’s a bit more refined than what Dollard showed in the past and Dollard even agrees since he’s been working closely with Griffin and Hakasays on these projects.” – Aaron Murakami

Build a Tesla Coil (the way Tesla built them) is meant to serve as a crash-course into simple, practical Tesla Coil design and construction.

We’ll be touching on a some of the differences between ‘modern’ Tesla Coils and the coils that Tesla build, and why the coils today look so different from the ones Tesla photographed in Colorado Springs.

According to Wikipedia, a ‘Tesla Coil’ requires two or three coils, but most of the coils we’re working with only have one. No primary. No secondary. Just a single Extra coil is all that is needed to achieve even great effects. Eric Dollard demonstrated this himself with his Cosmic Induction Generator experiments at the 2021 ESTC conference.

The coils we will be working with are in-fact quite a bit simpler than the plans you will find on the Internet. You don’t need high voltage transformers or expensive measuring equipment to build coils. With luck, you might even be able to light full florescent bulbs from several feet away using only a couple watts.

Through experimentation we’ve also refined Eric Dollard’s coil calculator formulas, and compiled them together into a simple online calculator, so new builders can predict with great accuracy how their coils might perform before they even build them.



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