How To Build A Jet Engine


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How To Build A Jet Engine by Aaron Murakami teaches how to do it with a turbocharger along with some efficiency modifications that nobody else is showing, which were designed by the inventor of the world’s most efficient heat exchanger.

The purpose of How To Build A Jet Engine is not to delve into the world of alternative fuels, plasma ignition systems, or power generation – it is to show you HOW TO BUILD A JET ENGINE. For simple practical purposes, it will run on propane and use a standard spark ignition system because that is all that is needed. And that is enough to have a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!


  • Overview of what a jet engine is and how it works – along with some NASA graphics and animations
  • Overview of how a turbocharger works, while revealing the similarities between a turbocharger and a jet engine
  • How to turn a turbocharger from a gas or diesel engine into a jet engine
  • How to build a safe combustion chamber where all the action takes place and how to safely mount a turbocharger to it
  • A flame tube that is highly efficient and was designed by the inventor of the world’s most efficient heat exchanger
  • Learn about a basic test stand to mount everything on
  • A solid and safe way to mount the turbocharger to the end plates of the combustion chamber
  • An example of a simple exhaust pipe with nozzle
  • A fuel system that has consideration for future secondary or alternative fuels that can be used to run your jet engine
  • A simple oil system that will keep your turbo in good shape. It also runs on a single 12v battery
  • Over 2 hours of material in a total of 11 videos

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