Cold Electricity



Over the years, there have been quite a few claims about “Cold Electricity” but these are mostly speculations by researchers that have either been taught or have stumbled upon some electrical properties that do not conform to normal electrical theories.

Ed Gray’s Motor was claimed to have produced some kind of Cold Electricity phenomena with massively high output compared to the input. These ideas were theorized in Peter Lindemann’s book Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity.

Ronald Brandt’s “Tesla Switch”, which was duplicated by John Bedini, showed some kind of Cold Electricity phenomena, which manifested between the negatives of two different battery terminals while the batteries were alternately switched between parallel and series.

Carlos Benitez’s early 1900’s patent appears to be the origin of the so-called Tesla Switch and to date, there has been no evidence that Tesla actually created a circuit, which operates under such conditions.

After learning about Ed Gray’s technology and the process of splitting the positive, I was on a search for anything relating to splitting the negative. Not that this is what Cold Electricity is about, but based on some hunches and other ideas relating to this concept, I eventually stumbled upon a patent application, which gives the clearest description of the benefits of Cold Electricity along with a switching method that is supposed to elicit such effects.

Back in 2004, I had discussed this unusual patent application online but nobody seemed to be interested so I quietly kept it to myself for the next 12 years. Around 2008, I designed a simple circuit that would imitate the switching method in the patent on a small scale.

At the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I gave this presentation revealing the patent application, pictures of the inventors work that hardly anyone has ever see before, the way the switching method is supposed to work, my circuit design that was to mimic the method in the patent, a simplified diagram of the patent application switching method and two proposed operating methods for testing.

After the presentation, I answered other questions not relating to the Cold Electricity but did share a circuit that allows one to send all the recovery in an SG back to the front and in my demonstration model, it reduces the current drawn by the input battery by 55%! Other things were discussed as well.

Please be clear that in my attempt, I was not able to find the Cold Electricity but my circuit was small scale and it wasn’t built the same. I give recommendations on the direction to go in regards to the patent application. Peter Lindemann was also kind enough to share some feedback in regards to the importance of this patent application.

The primary purpose of this presentation is to bring it to the awareness of the “Free Energy” community so that others may experiment with it and share their results. Any funds raised from this particular presentation will be used to finish the replication effort and open source all the results!

Part of the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (69 mins downloadable video).


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