Cosmic Induction Generator


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The Cosmic Induction Generator is a very important technology with many applications, but the first goal was to demonstrate the manifestation of visible evidence of the intrinsic formative forces of the universe, which is done in the spirit of Tesla technology.

The back to back Tesla Transmitters are designed to replicate the ideas expressed in Wilhelm Reich’s “Cosmic Superimposition” of formative fields. When two living energy fields mutually interact, they can stimulate each others’ excitation to the point of illumination – in other words, CREATE LIGHT!

Another one of the applications of the Cosmic Induction Generator is that it can create an electrical flame between the two coils, which when modulated with audio frequencies can emit music with the most impressive, hi-fidelity sound that you will ever hear!

Bonus content includes over 180 MB of photos of John Polakowski & Eric Dollard working on the CIG (Cosmic Induction Generator) at EPD Laboratories and three videos about the CIG that have already been put on YouTube but are included for your convenience. They are interviews with Eric and John with some video of them working on the CIG.

Part of the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (72 mins).


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