Deuterium And The Hidden Mechanisms Of Aging



Victor Sagalovsky is a leader and pioneer in the field of using deuterium depleted water (Litewater) for its anti-aging properties. Deuterium is an isotope of Hydrogen, which has 2 neutrons according to the conventional understanding, which makes it heavier and larger than a normal Hygrogen atom. Combined with Oxygen, D20, as opposed to H20, creates this “heavy water.”

This presentation covers why people, animals and plants in the far past were larger, lived longer, etc. and it appears that much of the deuterium was locked up in the ice caps. As the ice melted and released this deuterium, things changed, everything over time grew smaller and didn’t live as long.

Is there any evidence that deuterium does indeed have harmful properties to our genetics and aging? Absolutely yes! It has been known for many years that deuterium is simply incompatible with life. Many people know that our cells have mitochondria, which produce ATP but what most people don’t know is that there is literally a tiny motor called an ATP synthase motor, which spins at 9000 RPM and on each rotation, an ATP molecule is produced.

This is completely mind-blowing that this little motor even exists and what is also known is that the deuterium in the water interferes and jams up this motor and inhibits the mitochondrial ATP making process and this is established with real science. This also affects our genes and all other processes that regulates how we age.

What can we do about it? Victor Sagalovsky has been instrumental in creating water with the lowest levels of deuterium available and this is known as DDW or Deuterium Depleted Water. By ingesting relatively small amounts of this water over time will reduce the levels of deuterium in your own cellular water so that the ATP synthase motor and all mitochondrial functions can operate as optimally as possible.

This is truly one of the most foundational keys to health and Victor has shared some information about this at the 2022 ESTC, which he has not shared in his presentations and interviews elsewhere.



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