EFTV #04 – Howard Johnson – Pioneer—Magnetic Exchange Forces


Running Time: 94 minutes
Plus Special Features



Under the right circumstances, a permanent magnet can be induced to fire a force hundreds of times its base magnetic strength. Howard Johnson spent his entire life researching this phenomenon, which, when constructed with the correct geometry, can create a permanent self-powering magnetic motor.

After World War II, Howard was offered the job of being Head of Cryptology for the entire U.S. Navy, but turned it down to return to civilian life. Many of Howard’s Patents remain classified to this day.

In this film we tour his laboratory, and Howard demonstrates his magnetic gates and tells his story.

Additional commentary by Tom Bearden.

“Conventional magnetic theory and real magnetic theory are about as much alike as a Venetian Blind and a blind Venetian.”

—Howard Johnson

Preparing to film at the Johnson house in Blacksburg, Virginia
Howard Johnson demonstrates while William Gazecki films
Plot of a magnet firing the exchange force. This lasts only one to three hundredths of a second and is ten thousand times stronger than the direct magnetic interaction

Howard Johnson writes:


“This is stimulation of high molecular energy by shaded pole electron spins that produce powerful parallel spins releasing high energy discharges when they revert to their original anti-parallel spin state.”

Preparing to film outside Howard Johnson’s Laboratory
A partially assembled magnet cluster in the laboratory
Gladys Johnson watches while William Gazecki films outside the laboratory

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