Electric Motor Secrets Part 3



Electric Motor Secrets, Part 3 is the culmination of a project that started back in 2007.

The original Electric Motor Secrets, Part 1 covered the history of electric motor design and brought the viewer up to speed on the super-efficient advantages of Regenerative, Pulsed Motor technology. It also introduced the theoretical idea that all electro-mechanical machines are 200% efficient and that commercially available equipment is specifically designed to throw away at least one half of this energy so they look like they operate with a COP < 1.Electric Motor Secrets, Part 2 was produced in 2010, and covered the possibilities of running “off-the-shelf” DC Motors in unconventional ways to elicit these higher efficiencies. The primary process used to accomplish this is the manipulation of the ratio of Forward EMF-to-Back EMF generated in the machine.

Electric Motor Secrets, Part 3 is the final instalment, where these processes are looked at in AC Motors and other compound machines. It covers the path of discovery of these methods and their application to industrial level equipment. These discoveries lead directly to the way of modifying “off-the-shelf” machinery to power themselves and external loads simultaneously, including home power supplies and vehicles.

Part of the 2023 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (90 mins).



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