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John Bedini goes into his 1984 Free Energy Generator and why people have had trouble replicating it and it is primarily the timing, which most people have not been able to perfect. John then introduces Peter Lindemann as the developer of a low drag generator methodology.

The presentation ends with John giving a demonstration of a pocket size 1984 Free Energy Generator that runs itself and keeps it batteries topped up. The crowd stands up to see it so the video camera couldn’t see it running, but you do get all the full schematic posted on the chalkboard with no details left out. John really wanted everyone to get it!

John Bedini introducing Peter Lindemann to explain his low drag generator method
John Bedini introducing Peter Lindemann to explain his low drag generator method
Small version of the self-running 1984 Free Energy Generator


  • 45 minute downloadable video presentation by Tom Bearden, John Bedini and Peter Lindemann
  • The physics of “Stealing the Surface Charge” by Tom Bearden explaining one of the primary keys to John Bedini’s self running motor/generator system
  • John Bedini explaining the primary timing problem people are having that has made it difficult to replicate and how to solve this issue
  • Diagrams of the full system and how it all fits together
  • Brief presentation by Peter Lindemann explaining the history and inspiration of his low drag generator system

This is a * RARE * find and one that came to me by way of Geoffrey Miller of Energy Bat Labs – a long time researcher into the Tesla and Free Energy Sciences. But first, let’s give special thanks to Scott Beutlich for pleading with Geoffrey Miller to “help get this out there!” Geoffrey took that to heart and passed it on to us at Emediapress. The original video was filmed at a 1984 conference and was somehow lost in the archives. It was one of the most important presentations ever given there, but they never released it!

Listen to Geoffrey Miller share his insight into this disclosure:


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