Hacking The Aether


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This presentation, Hacking The Aether is something that I have been wanted to share for many years. It’s roots are in my popular book The Quantum Key but I go much deeper into many of the concepts and tie it all together in a way that has never been accomplished.

At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, many people commented over the weekend that Hacking The Aether should be the presentation that starts the conference every year because it sets such a foundation and in fact should be the presentation that everyone watches if they’re interested in Free Energy or related technologies.

This is basically Energy Physics 101 and amazingly, there were many attendees including some academics that shared their enthusiasm about the presentation and agreed with ideas that were shared! Times are changing and that kind of agreement tells me that we’re definitely on the right track and that the Time is at hand to start taking these ideas to the mainstream!

Essentially, this is a simple Unified Field Model that ties together the Aether, Gravity, Inertia, Time, Electricity, Open Systems, and many other natural concepts in a way that they all fit together like a seamless picture. And, this is all done with very simple analogies, common sense and elementary school math with junior high school equations. Just about anyone can understand and appreciate what is being shared in Hacking The Aether even if they do not have technical background.


The idea that a system can produce more energy on the output than we pay for on the input has been hammered on so hard with irrefutable, Nobel Prize-winning science that its surprising anyone still has an argument against it. In Hacking The Aether, we’ll cover this concept over a short period so that we can at least get you oriented to these facts. Yes, Free Energy is real and we can have a system produce more than we pay for on the input and the concept can be proven with examples so simple an elementary school child can understand them. In fact, it is the only way that nature operates and the Second Law of Thermodynamics applies to absolutely nothing in nature.


There are quite a few popular ideas that will be debunked – especially, the idea that Michelson-Morley disproved the Aether. This misinformation has plagued the minds of countless students of science for the last 130 years and it needs to end. Not only will you learn what Michelson-Morley were actually trying to accomplish, you will learn that debunking the Aether was the last thing on their minds.


You’ll see what is necessary to actually tap the Aether so that it becomes potential that can be used in electrical circuits or even mechanical gravitational systems. This goes to the heart of what Energy and Potential actually are and you will soon realize that even those who are apparently advanced in the energy sciences are misusing both terms. There is no such thing as Energy as it is only a verb that describes the activity of potential being reduced to a lower potential.


Gravity and Inertia are explained in terms so simple a junior high school student can understand it. And, this is done without simply regurgitating some definition like the so-called “experts” – it is done by showing the actual mechanics of how space and mass interact with each other to the point that it becomes common sense. Memorizing definitions does little in the way of conveying real knowledge so rest assured that you are going to be learning something of substance and are not being taught to parrot other people’s ideas.

You’ll learn how Einstein’s idea of Curved Space is his biggest blunder and that the very idea of it violates one of the most coveted Laws of Physics! That is always ignored in favor of pushing and promoting Einstein’s work as Gospel, but you will see that his ideas were falling like a house of cards and Einstein even agreed that he was on the wrong track !


You’ll see what Time actually is and what governs it without all the philosophical hype and romanticism that has surrounded it since the beginning of the written word. It is simpler than most people think and we can actually capture and store Time Potential in very simple ways – some of these methods are already being used but the lack of knowledge of what Time is has prevented those from actually realizing what they were doing.


We’ll get into a few experiments that makes use of this information so that it doesn’t remain some intellectual exercise, but something of practical use that can be put to work.


Hacking The Aether will be summarized with a simple ending that will show in a simple way how the entire presentation fits together, how it explains how electricity, gravity, inertia, time and other natural concepts fit together in a simple and cohesive manner without complicated jargon, math or the usual convoluted explanations.

These are bold claims but many of the ideas shared are backed by simple math problems that any child can solve, historical points of interest that debunk many of the common misconceptions that are parroted by the pseudo-septic community, and more.

It’s my belief that it is the birthright of every human being to understand these concepts because expanding one’s frame of reference is the first step to power – it is time to take back our power and start accepting truth as authority instead of authority as truth. The Time is NOW.

Includes a free copy of The Quantum Key.

Part of the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (127 mins downloadable video).


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