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HHO – Transcending The Limits Of Science And Wellness


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Marty Luckoski will discuss the ways in which we have been lead to believe that some things are impossible in the fields of science and wellness and how belief and open-mindedness are the foundations of true innovation. He will also speak about AquaCure and Brown’s Gas (HHO) therapy and its benefits.

Marty Luckoski is George Wiseman’s business partner who is heading up the development and manufacturing of their product line. George Wiseman is the leading authority on HHO or Brown’s Gas generators.

HHO is commonly ducted water gas that has many amazing properties – some bordering on the supernatural. It is known that water has a memory effect and when producing HHO from water and allowing the gas to recombine into water, it appears that the water’s memory has been reset. There are many applications for this gas and the AquaCure machine literally “cures” the water itself!

Marty shares a lot of valuable facts and testimonials about how people simply FEEL BETTER by using the AquaCure machine along with a few amazing photographs of the results of how much better they do feel!

Enjoy this presentation – to purchase your own AquaCure machine, makes sure to use this link below AND use this coupon code on George’s website for a $250 discount (coupon code:   emediapress) – – a portion of the sale of each machine through this link helps to support the efforts of

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