John Bedini’s Self-Recharging Monopole Motor


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At the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Peter Lindemann demonstrated a self-recharging system invented by Carlos Benitez, which is the apparent origin of self-recharging battery systems.

This year (2019), Peter demonstrated a method John Bedini used to keep a battery bank charged up while running his monopole motors. The method had been mentioned in the past in online forums, but nobody seemed interested enough to actually explore the reality to it.

It was done most often with a plexiglass rotor where the coils were on both sides of the face of the rotor rather than at the circumference. It charged a large cap bank, which was then discharged to output bank. A battery was then shuttled back and forth betwen the front and back indefinitely without ever having to place them on a regular charger to charge them up since the machine and its setup accomplished this.

This demonstration unit that Peter showed kept its battery bank charged up all throughout the conference one one single charge. During the presentation, the monopole is running and he describes how the battery bank is arranged.

This presentation emphasizes the fact that the real free energy happens in the battery and is not measurable at the output of the energizer. This is very important to understand and it has been repeated by all of us over the years countless times and it is being repeated.

At the output, you may measure about 30% compared to what is provided on the input. But again, the excess always shows up in the batteries since the batteries are the open part of the system. The conversion of the radiant impulses and how the chemistry of the battery converts it is NOT linear so you can absolutely wind up with more charge in the battery than the measurable amount of electricity provided to them.

It has also been said many times that the batteries have to be large to see the real free energy results. This is because small batteries have an impedance that is way too high and htis dissipates the radiant and this obviously prevents it from converting to a chemical change in the battery.

With John Bedini’s 10 coiler SG, Peter was able to run it on some smaller golf cart batteries but the output was charging up a massive cell phone tower battery bank. When all was said and done, he was able to discharge 500% more from the cell phone tower battery bank than was discharged from the input batteries. This was an eye opening experiment done around 2004 and provided one of the most important keys to these processes.

How can you provide a similar low impedance situation for the output even if you have smaller batteries just to prove the point? This is one of John Bedini’s secrets and why it is a must have for anyone that has been experimenting with Bedini type energizers but may not have been getting the results.

What You Get With John Bedini’s Self-Recharging Monopole Motor

  • 49 minute presentation by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.
  • 12 minute walk-thru video by Aaron Murakami of the actual machine John Bedini used to accomplish this self-recharging method
  • 1 simple schematic showing a simple way to accomplish the battery switching with 2 DPDT (double pole double throw) knife switches

Part of the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (49 mins downloadable video).


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