Orgone Energy Experiments Part 2 - Proof Of A Cosmic Life-Energy by James DeMeo
Cosmic Ether Exists Part 2 - Implications To Modern Physics by James DeMeo
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Lessons In Advanced Perception


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“If you have no thought, emotion, effort, pain or confusion stored in your own body, then any thought, emotion, effort, pain, or confusion of which you are aware is someone else’s.” – Harold S. Schroeppel

Revealed – closely guarded manuscripts from the 1960s shows how to develop superhuman mind powers.

The Lessons in Advanced Perception is a complete study course that anyone can start at the beginning and learn the skills necessary to advance to the next level. Once the new skill is set, the student can move on to the next lesson. Most of the lessons build on the skills developed in the earlier chapters, so the material is interactive and progressive.

In spite of its limited exposure, the Lessons in Advanced Perception has been taught continuously in limited circles for over 48 years. This training is neither a fad nor some bright idea tossed together in a weekend.

This Material is the most advanced mind control course ever created, and it has stood the test of time! Thousands of people have used this material to better their lives and develop their mental abilities. What is new is that this is the first time this training has been made available to the general public.

This is a downloadable ebook.

Orgone Energy Experiments Part 2 - Proof Of A Cosmic Life-Energy by James DeMeo
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