Perpetual Motion Reality


The natural world is in perpetual motion. Discover the true history of how inventors have been attaching their machines to the ‘Wheelwork of Nature’ for over 400 years.

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In this presentation by Peter Lindemann, you will learn the real history of perpetual motion and how our ancestors learned to power their machines by the Forces of Nature. You will also learn that the first, undisputed perpetual motion machine was built in 1605 and given as a gift to the King of England! But that is not all! You will also learn that there are over 500,000 of this type of machine on the planet today, and there is one in New Zealand that has been running continuously since 1864! You see, real perpetual motion machines run from an energy source that is available everywhere, all of the time. Even Nikola Tesla described this as “the ideal source of energy” to power our industrial society. The machine he designed to run on this energy is called the “Self-acting Engine”.

Part of the 2012 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (89 mins).


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