Redox Signaling Molecules


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It has been known for years that the mitochondria produce many other molecules besides ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), the main energy molecule. However, it has been thought that that these other molecules were simply cellular waste because their function was unknown. Over the last 10-15 years, it has become very clear that these other molecules, known as Redox Signaling Molecules, are the most foundational messengers in the body – more foundational than nutrition.

For the immune system to work, these Redox Signaling Molecules are necessary to facilitate the communication between immune cells and their targets as well as aiding in the entire detect-repair-replace mechanism that is the basis for cellular repair. It is widely unknown that antioxidants are completely unusable by the body unless there are enough Redox Signaling Molecules to activate them. This activation process has only been relatively recently understood by the field of biochemistry.

As we age, our mitochondrial levels decline and thus our Redox Signaling Molecule production declines, which is why our cellular repair and rejuvenation ability as well as our ability to have proper immune function is compromised. It has been thought to be impossible to replicate these balanced and stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules outside of the body – that is until a medical atomic physicist finally discovered how to stabilize this molecular Fountain of Youth.

The scientific community that has been involved in testing this breakthrough have said this is going to win a Noble Prize. Antioxidants have been the tidal wave of the past in regards to anti-aging theories but the future is in Redox Signaling Molecules. This book shares the source for the only legitimate Redox Signaling Molecule product available to the general public, for which the author is a distributor.

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