Subtle Energy, Water Structure, The Effect Of Light On Water



Professor Dr. Robert Haralick presents “Subtle Energy, Water, and the Effects of Light.” He begins by defining subtle energy, which is not an energy force, and then he asks a question; How can that which is not a force influence anything? This in-depth presentation explains how and why subtle energy actually CAN influence measurable physical changes!

Dr. Haralick covers 6 different topics in his presentation. First, He discusses water and its geometric structure. He then covers Maxwell’s equations including force fields and potential fields. Next, he explains the Aharanov-Bohm Effect. He goes on to present Zimmerman’s experiments involving transmitting the vector magnetic potential. Then he discusses the frequencies of water, and experiments related to that. He concludes with a discussion about human consciousness, how that can affect experiments, and how it can be controlled or eliminated.



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