Tesla High Frequency Illumination Methods And Apparatuses


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A developed explanation on the practicality of high frequency high potential illumination devices, as originally developed by Tesla. This includes the employment of various high potential driving apparatuses, and the construction of illuminating devices with peculiar phenomena. Griffin Brock, a prolific experimenter who also happens to be under Eric Dollard’s tutelage, is performing many experiments that many seasoned electrical engineers have not been able to accomplish.

As presented, multiple demonstrations and apparatuses gave insight to the functions and practicality of certain high frequency vacuum devices, as pioneered by Nikola Tesla. Most notably, his wireless brush discharge lamps, as historically replicated by hand, as well as other lamps possessing electrodes within them. The demonstration included a high potential tube based power source, which supplied special potential coils to provide an intense surrounding field for wireless illumination.

The bulbs shown in the demonstration were built with historical accuracy, that being, they do not possess any gases within. Ultimately giving forth luminous phenomena which should not occur within a vacuum. Especially for Tesla’s Brush Bulb, as demonstrated, which is devoid of matter, but nevertheless radiates large quantities of light. It should be noted that the replicated bulbs presented before the audience, were the first to be seen in historical accuracy, not witnessed in over 130 years.

Throughout the presentation, references and detail to other vacuum tubes as developed by Tesla were given, as well as a physical representation of such tubes when placed in a “null” zone state of activity, as produced by the coil setup.

Part of the 2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (100 mins downloadable video).

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As first presented by Griffin at the 2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference, a definitive exploration on specific high vacuum devices as pioneered by Nikola Tesla was given. This presentation covered the construction and operation of different bulb types including but not limited to, the carbon button lamp, the brush bulb, and single wire x-ray/shadowgraph tube. Explanation was provided as to the purpose of these high vacuum lamps, including some interesting phenomena observed by Tesla himself, incorporated with carried out experiments conducted on stage.

This year, a new approach was taken in demonstrating the effects as observed by Tesla, whereby more sophisticated glass equipment and high frequency supplying apparatuses were employed. The first course of the lecture covered historical background information, on Tesla’s very intent of researching such high frequency-high vacua phenomena. Expounding upon the experience he put forth during his 1892 lecture, the presentation then digressed to showcase custom glass apparatus suited for the demonstration. With related experiments conducted prior to and after the scheduled lecture, cosmic phenomena possessing dynamic plasma states of complex rotation and natural form were observed.

Despite many challenges encountered in the fulfilment of this research and very presentation, a plethora of video and photographic documentation was made possible, allowing for it to be adhered to and preserved.

This 2022 presentation package includes a nearly 2 hour presentation but also a BONUS video, which is a compilation of demonstrations of a carbon button bulb that is 37 minutes long.

2022 Preview


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