Tesla Turbine Powerplant



The 2022 Energy Science & Technology Conference presentation demonstrated a 3″ diameter Tesla Turbine operating in the cryophorus mode, whereby hot and cold taken under vacuum with a turbine in between them can create a high speed rotation, which can be used to generate electricity. In the 2023 presentation, you will witness a production ready prototype of a 6″ diameter Tesla Turbine operating in the same mode, which has already been tested without an electrical load at over 42,000 RPM, which equates to a peripheral speed that is faster than Mach 1. The goal is to develop this into a viable powerplant.

After the conference, at 260°F, the turbine generated 1300 watts. Part of that test is in the preview video but is not included in the conference presentation.

Part of the 2023 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (90 mins).



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