Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries

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I became interested in science early in my life. By High School, I had built a small Linear Accelerator as a Science Fair project. It seemed like I was headed for “great things”, but my life took a different turn.

As luck would have it, I ended up on the trail of a BLUE NOTEBOOK that Nikola Tesla had used to document some of his most obscure findings. Over the years, I worked for a number of people who claimed to have “the notebook”, and they were all working on either mechanical power magnification, or anti-gravity effects.

In-between some of these adventures, I held “real jobs”, usually as an electrical engineer. Even during these more prosaic periods, I never stopped thinking about the possibilities of increasing the work output of machines.

Eventually, I did have the opportunity to build a number of novel experimental machines that demonstrated genuine, power magnification. Since then, I’ve made a lot of progress, and I wanted more people to know about my work.

TESLA’S HIDDEN DISCOVERIES is that communication. In it I tell the story of how I was introduced to this work, and what I have been able to verify, so far. The most important discovery has been the understanding that “power is relative to a specific rotational reference frame.”

That may sound weird, but what it means is that a power magnification is possible by simply “changing rotational reference frames” between the input and the output of the machine. During my Power Point Presentation and lecture, I actually show a number of these machines and describe the test results I have collected.

TESLA’S HIDDEN DISCOVERIES is really an overview of my life’s work, and the beginning of my efforts to start publishing my research in this field. Even though I received one US Patent on a “low back-EMF” generator, getting patents on every discovery isn’t practical. That’s why I want to publish this material, so you can learn this science and further your own discoveries.

Of course, just the revelation about power magnification is worth the investment in my presentation, but you’ll get much, much more than that.

  • The true story of how Tesla’s BLUE NOTEBOOK found its way into the hands of Otis Carr, and other researchers in the 1960s
  • The complete overview of how I learned about this technology, and what I have done to verify that it is true
  • The most complete description of the experiments I have run to show that a power multiplication can actually be demonstrated
  • Multiple color images of my latest “Gravitational Torque Amplifier” and the methods I have used to test it

(Description by Jim Murray)

Part of the 2013 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (100 mins downloadable video).

1 review for Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries

  1. ivp7 (verified owner)

    Really good information. I felt that this video could deliver important information and it really did. I think we are all looking to understand power and especially how to obtain it in the most efficient way posible, and this video shows some interesting aspects regarding that, with emphasis on the importance of refrence frames in a system, which appears also to be an important key to understanding Nikola Tesla and part of his inventions.

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