Tesla’s Radiant Energy


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What is Radiant Energy? How is it produced? What is its relationship to “ordinary” electricity? How can it be harnessed to power our industrial machines? Why is it important to understand the answers to these questions?

That’s what I wanted to know, ever since I found out about Tesla’s work, back in 1975. Back then, nobody seemed to know what Radiant Energy was. It was all a big mystery.

After 31 years of study, I finally made sense out of what Tesla was saying, but it took a lot of work! July 10, 2006 was the 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth, so I decided to give a presentation at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference of that year, hosted by TeslaTech, Inc. This lecture was the Keynote Address, closing the Conference, on July 30, 2006 in South Jordan, Utah.

In order to answer all of the questions listed above, I have cited dozens of quotes from Tesla’s patents and published lectures, to redevelop his understanding of Radiant Energy, in his own words! After all, I don’t want you to think I’m making this stuff up! Of course, I do add my own commentary, to bring all of Tesla’s ideas into a meaningful association.

Starting with a lecture given in February of 1893, I show how Tesla had developed a way of transforming ordinary electricity into something quite extraordinary. He called it his “Method of Conversion” and he identifies at least six variations of this process.

While normal electrical circuits require two wires for the electricity to flow in a closed circular path, the new method enabled an electrical phenomena to travel from “point A” to “point B” on a single wire, with no return path! He likened this process to the propagation of “sound waves of electrified air.”

Of course, this was just an analogy. The point is that “sound waves” can travel from their source to our ears without our ears having to give anything back! It’s a “one-way” energy transmission. Tesla had discovered a way to send electrical energy from the generator to the load along “one wire” in an open circuit with no return wire! This process was all disclosed in 1893!

Next I show how Tesla started patenting different inventions to use this system. They included special lighting systems, special electric motors, and special circuits to manage its distribution. Each of these patents had individual clues that all have to be read together for the full understanding to arise in your mind.

The problem was that the Banker/Industrialists, like J. P. Morgan, who had financed his poly-phase AC electric system, were NOT interested in these new discoveries! When Tesla showed how he could send this kind of electricity to distant locations, using the Earth itself as that “single wire”, Morgan realized that this new kind of electricity could NOT be metered!

Morgan’s plan was to sell everybody electricity and make billions of dollars. If Tesla’s new system couldn’t be used to create an industrial monopoly, it was of no use to him. At that point, Morgan decided to openly oppose Tesla’s research and the implementation of this new electrical system. After all, Morgan controlled Tesla’s poly-phase AC electric distribution system, and that was good enough for him.

125 years later, we are still using Tesla’s poly-phase AC system for the distribution (and sale) of electricity, as modified by Charles Steinmetz and the General Electric Corporation. Once put in place, this electricity distribution monopoly has operated, essentially unchanged, for over 80 years.

But Tesla’s new system was much better! Using “pulsed DC” instead of AC, Tesla’s “Method of Conversion” actually laid the foundation for the development of our modern digital age. It’s just that Tesla’s method of delivering it to us would have started 100 years ago, and it wouldn’t have tethered us to a monthly bill!

But that is just the beginning. I go on to show all of the inventions connected to these discoveries, including the fact that this “new kind of electricity” is really based on the discovery of a sub-atomic particle that is much smaller than an electron, and capable of completely different behaviors.

This smaller sub-atomic particle is the basis of Tesla’s Radiant Energy, and its availability in the Natural World is the reason Morgan did not want anyone to know how to access it! Today, we might call these particles “neutrinos,” but whatever they are called, they form the basis of understanding what electricity really is!

Finally, with Tesla’s Radiant Energy, you can understand exactly what Nikola Tesla discovered, all those years ago, as described in Tesla’s own words! This lecture is the definitive communication on Tesla’s model of electricity and its relationship to the production and use of Radiant Energy as a freely available energy source from the environment.

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