The Borderlands Of Nikola Tesla’s Resonant Transformer (Old)



To understand where Tesla was taking his work with resonant transformers, this presentation is required study. Tesla was moving away from even using Primary and Secondary coils and was going straight to the Extra (3rd) coils since they were doing all the work anyway – showing unprecedented levels of magnification reaching nearly 600 times.

This is a very complex project with an audio rack and RF rack. They can be used independently or together for a variety of different experiments. These large builds were only shown at the conference so everyone could see what kind of progress has been made – they were not demonstrated. The demonstration shown was with a 100 watt Collins Radio Transmitter from the late 1940’s with two novel “Extra Coils” (no primary or secondary coils are needed), power transfer, the counterspace neutral spot, the flame speaker and some unique plasma demonstrations showing some gases emitting colors that are not known to be associated with such gases – that is not supposed to be possible, but that’s why we’re doing it.

You’re going to see the most amazing plasma demonstration you have ever seen! We’re including a bonus video of some demonstrations we did before the conference that we weren’t quite able to demonstrate live – it’s the super Cosmic Induction Mode where it goes completely wild. Some of this is not in the free preview video – you can only see it when you purchase a copy of this video presentation package.

This presentation has 176 slides that begin with an introduction by Aaron Murakami for the first 20 slides, which sets the stage for the topic and then Eric Dollard continues the presentation with his personal story of what started this all and the following topics are covered:


  1. The Borderlands of Electricity
  2. The Cosmic Light Bulb
  3. Cosmic Superimposition, Presented by Dr. James DeMeo
  4. Practical Calculation of the Tesla Resonant Coil


  1. The RCA-Bolinas Tesla Transformer
  2. The Second-Generation RCA-Bolinas Tesla Transformer
  3. The Complex Modulated High Frequency Transmitter AN/GRT-1
  4. The Cosmic Induction Phenomenon
  5. Live Demonstration of Cosmic Induction

This download package has 3 zip files.

File 1 – 723 MB with a 2 hour 31 minute presentation plus a PDF of the 176 slide PowerPoint presentation.

File 2 – 837 MB with a 1 hour 27 minute demonstration video.

File 3 – 895 MB with TWO Bonus Videos. Bonus 1 – 40 minutes of the SUPER Cosmic Induction Mode and an interesting blinking phenomena in one particular bulb. Bonus 2 – 18 minutes of experiments at our shop after the conference with Griffin Brock.



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