Tom Bearden – Energy From The Vacuum


100 illustrations – 977 pages – soft cover



Tom Bearden’s findings, culminating 30 years of re-examining the foundations of science, are good news that point the way to an inexhaustible, clean energy source for mankind—energy from the “vacuum,” as the space all around us is termed in science.  The energy contained in a cup of this space could boil all the oceans of the world it is so densely energetic.

Developing and ubiquitously deploying free energy systems could eradicate the strategic vulnerabilities of centralized power systems, while reversing the runaway degradation of our precious biosphere and providing a viable antidote for the perpetual poverty of underdeveloped nations.

This book also contains the true stories of inventors who, over the past 150 years, have pioneered some of these processes—and their secrets. Dr. Bearden rigorously analyzes more than 40 embodiments that can produce this free energy, including some capable of investigation at the high-school level.

Signature Edition also available – Each copy personally autographed by Tom Bearden – a collector’s item!

100 illustrations – 977 pages – soft cover – 6×9″ (15x23cm)

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