Tesla Scientific - Discover The True Wireless
Tesla Scientific - Discover The True Wireless
Electrodynamic Seismic Forecasting – A Simplified Approach by Griffin Brock
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2018-03-04 Jim Murray Live

Jim Murray shares his insights into segregated load analysis, looping overunity systems and other related topics.

Jim Murray will be presenting at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference. Out of 150 seats, only 64 are available so register and get your tickets while you can – http://energyscienceconference.com

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Here are some of Jim’s presentations…

Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries: https://emediapress.com/shop/teslas-hidden-discoveries/

Dynaflux Alternator: https://emediapress.com/shop/combo-dynaflux-alternator-dynaflux-concept-lenzs-law/

Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator: https://emediapress.com/shop/fundamentals-transforming-generator/

The Secrets of Tesla’s Power Magnification: https://emediapress.com/shop/secret-teslas-power-magnification/

Three Phase Distribution System Representation by Griffin Brock
Orgone Energy Experiments Part 2 - Proof Of A Cosmic Life-Energy by James DeMeo
Cosmic Ether Exists Part 2 - Implications To Modern Physics by James DeMeo